Holly Daniels Christensen, Founder of Dune Jewelry is a self-proclaimed “Travel Lover and Sand Connoisseur.” She began creating memorable jewelry for herself at her kitchen table with sand from Cape Cod. As she took family beach vacations and a little bit of sand as a souvenir, more creations evolved and so did the company. Now she partners with other Sand Artists to

Dune Jewelry

Holly Daniels Christensen

handcraft “with love and sandy hands” any custom piece of jewelry or accessory you might imagine. This natural resource goes a long way. Just one cup of sand contributes to over 1000 finished pieces.

How many different sands are there in our world you might wonder? We don’t know but Dune now has over 3300 different cataloged sands. And that’s not all because they listened to customers who also had earth they wanted to incorporate, say from a ball park or shells from the Bahamas or flowers from a wedding bouquet or maybe Grandma’s garden.

How about an elegant starfish on a slim silver chain or a sea turtle reminder of Cabo or Mazatlán? Custom designs will be produced in any shape and size requested. Just ask. I was asked to check out Holly’s booth at the PGA Merchandise Show but I didn’t really get the concept and it wasn’t a priority. Then I accidentally bumped into her display looking for something else and it was very impressive as is her passion for the art of immortalizing travel trips. Since then, Dune has appeared everywhere we go with ads in lifestyle magazines we read and gorgeous stock displays in Jekyll Island’s Historic Center gift shop and Daytona Beach hotels. Sedona Arizona’s red sand and more are incorporated in a collection featured in the boutique shop “Dahling It’s You” in Sedona.

Dune Jewelry starts reasonably priced at $40 on up to $250 for handmade custom rings, necklaces and bracelets, perfect for any special occasion. Divot tools are priced at $25 to commemorate a special round. Maybe a wine stopper is a reminder of a California coast excursion.

Memorable treasures are packed in a little blue dune box with multiple cards inside, including a Thank you from Holly with her family beach photo and a card noting the origin of the piece, such as Church Bay Beach, Southampton, Bermuda which has the famous pink speckles. A business card provides all pertinent contact info for “The Original Beach Sand Jewelry Co. EST 2010-Boston, MA Live for the moment, then take it with you…”