Is It “Time” For A New Watch?

The days of looking at your watch to figure out what time it is, due to our cell phones, is practically over. Watches, although still tell us the time, have turned into more of a fashion accessory than anything else…which we’re OK with! Below are a few brands that should be on your radar to help polish off your next outfit.

Luminox | Shop Here

The watch of choice for U.S. Navy SEALs, Pilots and other elite forces. Glowing 100x brighter than most other watches, giving them superior readability. Tough, powerful and accurate, Swiss-made Luminox is the ultimate timepiece for serious athletes, outdoorsmen and other peak performers. 

CARBON SEAL | Rugged and sophistication makes this timepiece one of the best I have seen.


Carbon Seal

The case is a carbon-reinforced plastic, making it is very durable yet light. The band is made of a rubber, silicone and polyurethane combination and it’s clear that Luminox designed this watch to be tough. Water resistance up to 300 meters. Multiple color/styles available.

MODERN MARINER | This Gents watch embodies luxury and quality.


Modern Mariner

This timepiece is a tribute to the tradition of fine Swiss-watchmaking. Perfectly adorning your wrist with superiority, the modern mariner has a case created from Stainless steel, perfectly stitched leather material and water resistance up to 200 meters. Multiple color/styles available.

Tempus Wood Watches | Shop Here

More than just a watch company; they are a lifestyle brand. All their watches are made up of reclaimed wood from all over the world. The reclaimed wood would have otherwise been wasted, but instead Tempus imports them and makes beautiful and stylish watches out of them. 

AFRIKAANS | Rugged, unique and stylish are the words that come to mind.



Inspired by African Zebrawood, and made with 100% reclaimed sandalwood. This handcrafted timepiece is guaranteed to turn heads at any social gathering.

CLASSICO | Style and uniqueness wrapped into one beautiful timepiece.



The Classico exudes class with golden white numerals on the face to go with any business-casual wear or suit. Made with 100% natural sandalwood, this is the perfect timepiece for the man in your life.

ELENOR | We can’t forget the ladies!



Look no further than the Elenor. Rose gold numerals and dial work with a red sandalwood body creates a chic, feminine design. Handcrafted by our skilled artisans, this timepiece is sure to turn heads in all social gatherings.