This is not about the Home Depot nail belt, rather the belts that nail down the job of carrying golf tools. Success began with Nexbelt’s CEO Eddie Rowland who discovered a hole-less belt while on vacation in Viet Nam. Adjustability was the highlight of the design, which he perfected with partners. They added a flip down buckle that holds a marker for easy access on the green. Their first sale was in 2011 for a member/guest event. The PGA Merchandise Show was next and where the belts were a huge hit. Now they retail men’s, women’s and specialty belts in over 3,000 golf clubs and through other distributors.

Nexbelt - Golfing Tool Belt

A very similar version appeared a few years later at the PGA Show by Mission Belt. Their thrust is in contributing $1 for every belt to Kiva whose mission is to provide micro lending opportunities to support economic development, “teaching people to fish,” to alleviate poverty in mostly developing companies. Their belts are currently unisex with a kids line and collegiate licensing.

This year KenRick Golf has taken the tooling part a step further. These belts do have holes but that is not the point. While the buckle is traditional, the point of the belt has a divot repair tool snugly fit into the tip that pulls out when needed. A ball marker attaches magnetically to the back of the cast aluminum alloy divot tool.

KenRick Golf - Golfing Tool Belt

If you are one who doesn’t like to monkey with or draw attention to your waist, perhaps these belts are not for you. If you on the other hand are one who never has their marker or divot tool in their pocket, then consider one of the aforementioned tool belts.

Decades ago Arno Penzias, scientist extraordinaire with Bell Labs predicted eyewear and apparel would soon flash all the history we might have on someone when we encounter them and can’t recall their name. Anyone out there want to bring that tool to a belt?