Sun safety is a common theme in the summer reinforced by constant encounters with people who have a loved one or their own self that is enduring the burning or removal of a suspicious spot on any part of the body. Dermatologists are racking in the bucks scraping skin for biopsies. The nose is particularly vulnerable to attack by melanoma.  Enter SKIN Sunscreen, endorsed by Charlie Rymer who was diagnosed with skin cancer. He appreciates the non-greasy, easy to apply lotion which he encourages golfers to reapply often.

Sunlight boosts moods and we love our even, natural tans attributed to the help of Bain de Soleil, popular years back with a catchy lingo “for that southern bay tan.” Since the spf is only 4, we might also advise that an undercoat of higher spf such as SKIN Sunscreen is applied for protection. Some however believe that the chemicals in any cream might be worse than the UV rays. To each their own.

In any case, sunglasses should be worn to protect the eyes and hats to protect the head and face. The Skin Cancer Foundation offers a Seal of Recommendation which for hats requires a 3” brim and at least 30 upf (ultra violet protection).  Wallaroo has several stylish options that meet this Seal. AHEAD headwear also offers materials providing UPF 50+.

Luckily more and more golf apparel companies incorporate fabrics with a protective UV rating. Our father was wearing his Antigua shirt to the doctor and was told, “That is the safest golf shirt because of the UV protection.” SanSoleil began their business solely with UV protective apparel and many companies have since followed suit. EP Pro has a line of colorful UV solar long sleeve tops as do Chase 54. Bette & Court, Tail and too many to mention have protective clothing choices.

Sun sleeves are also gaining popular as evident on the LPGA telecasts. Sun safety is fairly easy these days, so pick your poison.