Hats off to visors that don’t mess up our hair. The ceremonial thanks to playing partners at the end of a round involving hat removal is so civil but a bit scary. What will our hat head look like? Perhaps there is the surprise of no hair at all in which case it doesn’t matter. Guys don’t care as much as gals. Are gals exempt from the removal since it is “a gentlemen’s game?” Few make the motion on the LPGA tour before hugging. It’s confusing but visors in place of hats may negate the issue, depending on the design and how worn.

Have you ever thought about the technical design challenge of visors? To stay put on the forehead without pressing in on the temples somewhat defies physics. All heads are different and so it is important to try on a visor before purchasing, first because brims vary in widths. Larger brims ensure extra sun protection but feel front heavy. Smaller is comfy due to the lighter weight but if it’s too narrow to shade glare, why bother? Midsize is the Goldilocks pick of visors but this is a personal decision. Some brims have a high top band, which is nice for graphics or logo branding but they can be problematic if you wear bangs. For any visor, do you place it above or below the bangs? This depends on cut, comfort, wind or mood.

The second consideration for comfort is tightness around the head. This was the original way to make secure a visor. Some have elasticity to ease the pressure but my vote is for the elastic coil cord in back, although again we have the decision point of under or over the hair.

The major headwear companies have most style options like AHEAD, Imperial and Pukka. And most full apparel brands have limited style visors. Legendary announced their Cloud fit sweatband, which is infused with temperature regulating gel in their caps. Bring it into the visor!

Lori Taylor, founder of Versa Visor discovered a clever way to increase the fashionable span of each visor. A Velcro band across the top of the brim is attached for interchangeable print bands. Their standard 3” brim visor comes in 12 colors and the wide 4” in 6 colors. Bands are available with crystals, dots, stripes, plaids, animal, novelty and holiday prints as well as customized logos. The possibilities are endless to coordinate one visor to match all the outfits in your closet by simply stripping one band off and replacing with the next. Coil cords are comfy; fabric is lightweight and how easy when packing!