OnCore Golf, the Buffalo, New York-based golf ball company, today unveiled their first-ever Tour ball -ELIXR™. Their most advanced ball release yet, the ELIXR™ upholds OnCore’s commitment to innovation and technology while diversifying the company’s portfolio of golf balls to meet the needs of all player performance levels.

Elixr ball

A Look into the ELIXR ball

Bringing together a one-of-a-kind mix of advanced materials, the ELIXR™’s tri-phase constructed technology features original chemistry blends with added advanced material elements to deliver a unique combination of distance, spin, control and feel off the face of the club.

“We entered into the market five years ago by literally making history with our hollow-metal core golf balls,” said OnCore Golf Co-Founder Bret Blakely. “However, we’ve never stopped innovating and exploring approaches to golf ball design and construction that would benefit golfers of all skill levels. By creating a top tier product and jumping into the professional golf scene head first with the ELIXR™, we are staying true to our vision of being innovators – from Core to Cover – and offering golfers an alternative to the status quo that has dominated the golf industry for the past century. And we’re just getting started!”

Available online and in select retailers as of March 1, 2017, the company is aggressively expanding marketing and promotional efforts and has added Brian McGahey – a former longtime Nike Golf representative with more than 35-years of industry experience and relationships across all four professional tours – as director of business and player development.

To unveil the ELIXR™ to an international audience, OnCore teamed up with high-end production firm dPost to create a groundbreaking commercial highlighting the ball company’s origins of product innovation through three-dimensional animation. “Over the past several years, the team has worked tirelessly to perfect the quality and performance of our products, while maintaining the integrity and attitude of our brand,” said OnCore Golf President John Koelmel. “We offer something unmatched on the market, and now is the time to go vertical. There’s not a more perfect stage than Masters season to introduce golfers around the world to OnCore’s dynamic new tour ball.”

With an 85-compression rating and a 318-dimple pattern, the three-piece ELIXR™ combines a polybutadiene rubber core’s unique cross-linked polymer additives for exceptional ball speed; increased perimeter weighting due to a proprietary polymer mantle infused with high density particles for enhanced accuracy and control; and a cast urethane cover to deliver a soft and pure feel off the club face for ultimate greenside handling and durability.

Initial reviews of the ELIXR™ are overwhelmingly positive – spanning industry professionals at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show to nearly two-dozen Tour professionals across the PGA, LPGA, Champions and Web.com Tours who have played the product.

“The Tour player’s reaction to the ELIXR™ has blown us away,” said McGahey. “The feedback is consistently positive across all four Tours – maximized distance, greater control, increased stability in wind and crosswind and a superior feel.”

The technology behind the new ELIXR™ Tour ball, along with OnCore’s other highly-regarded golf balls, the AVANT and the CALIBER, can be seen at OnCoreGolf.com. Why OnCore Golf? Because it’s time to add M.O.R.E. (Maximum performance, Optimal trajectory, Revolutionary technology and Explosive velocity) to your game.



Elixr Ball

Oncore Golf ELIXR Ball