PowerBilt Puts Nitrogen Gas Into Your Game for More Distance and Improved Accuracy – Beat That!


PowerBilt is the only golf equipment manufacturer that supports the face of their golf clubs with Nitrogen gas.  The company cleverly deemed their irons and woods by the name Air Force One about a year ago.  In 2010 they made even more improvements and have officially released their Air Force One – Air Foil line of irons, hybrids and woods.  The new and improved line, Air Foil, has been improved in many ways according to PowerBilt President, Ross Kvinge.  “Because the face is supported by Nitrogen gas the club face can be much thinner which expands the sweet spot.  The results are clubs that increase your distance and improve your accuracy.  The feedback has been very rewarding from golfers of all skill levels and the media,” said Kvinge.


The “wow factor” of PowerBilt’s patented nitrogen-charged technology truly comes to life in their new irons.  These irons are longer than any iron on the market and they have the statistics to prove it.  In side-by-side testing against other leading manufactures the irons proved to be consistently ten yards longer.   The combination of reduced spin rates and increased transfer of energy produce ClubLove for every golfer that plays them.


Visit your local retailer today for increased distance and improved accuracy with PowerBilt Air Force One – Air Foil irons, hybrids and woods.  For more information visit www.powerbilt.com.




Razor Golf’s newest addition to the Carnivore! line of clubs is the “MUTATION” irons. We performed serious surgery on this new design. Voted, “BEST NEW PRODUCT” at this year’s 2010 International Network of Golf by golf writers, other manufacturers and players.


We stabilized the face by redistributing the weight and strategically placing it in the heel and toe for more forgiveness. In addition, we have increased the “MOI” by expanding the sole for optimum launch angle. These irons are engineered for maximum height and distance.

The result:  “The most forgiving irons I’ve ever played.”  As quoted by LPGA Legend and US Open winner, Jan Stephenson.

The secret: “Gravity Specific Weighting System.” This technology allows you to gain height that you have never experienced before by outperforming traditional iron sets.

Experience for yourself how this unique system can help you launch the ball higher, straighter and land softer than ever before.

The new MUTATION irons can and will improve your game.  You will Love these Clubs!

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