If bright colored patterns please you, then Molhimawk golf bags will shout “happy”. Every color of the rainbow is incorporated in their creative designs. Prints pop out in what they refer to as coastal California fashion. Molhimawk is also a licensee now for the famous Loudmouth Golf apparel company; you know the bold fashion statements worn by John Daly and tons of golfers worldwide. Now you can match your favorite Loudmouth Golf apparel design to your golf bag or pick a multicolored like I Paint Ball golf Bagdid to go with every solid shade in the rainbow. The dazzling new Paintball splashes purple, green, mango, blue, red so that you name it, any color on the palette will complement the bag. It’s so easy to find accessories in any shop with your favorite logo to attach like head covers or towels.

The 2015 product line offers more than 50 patterns in stand, cart, and staff bag models. These stylish bags make you happy not just because of the playful coloring, but the quality and functionality in the engineering. The stand bags are lightweight carry bags with cushioned comfortable straps, plenty of zip pockets in all the right sizes and best of all, 6 way dividers with wide holes for easy in and out of clubs. Oftentimes bags’ club tube compartments are Molhimauk bagfrustrating because the lining sticks between and you wrestle with club insertion. Golf is hard enough and that hinders speed of play. It also looks very uncool to wrestle with anything on the course. It is easy to be organized with the Molhimawk bag.

The name Molhimawk (Molly-mock) means albatross in certain remote parts of the world and is also the term used for a double-eagle in golf. We can only hope.

Molhimauk logoThe STAND BAG FEATURES
custom hip pad, over-sized carry strap with reinforced padding, lightweight (5lbs) structure, 3 spacious pockets, extra-large valuables pocket with water resistant zipper, 6-way dividers, 6 total pockets including velour-lined valuables pocket, 4-point strap system for increased comfort when carrying, and a rain hood to keep items dry in wet conditions.

The CART BAG FEATURES 14-way dividers & double handle on the top, 7 total pockets including velour-lined valuables pocket, 2-point strap system for increased comfort when carrying, rain hood to keep items dry
in wet conditions, external oversized putter tube, elcro glove attachment Pink Lava lamp bagand towel ring.

Summer sweet deals are now available on three great Molhimawk’s models -Coral Pink, Moss Green and Wave Blue – with stand bags starting at $72.00 and cart bags at $92.00. 

But check out Molhimawk’s entire 2015 catalog for your personality match or to purchase at www.molhimawk.com or call 650-516-6257.

Based in San Francisco, Molhimawk brings swag to your bag and shouts happy.