Spring weather is here, and with that, we can expect many heavy rainstorms ahead. Don’t let the rain stop your from playing the game that you love! Golf Fashion Weekly brings you the most stunning and functional rain gear to help you embrace and almost look forward to the rainy weather conditions coming up!


Antigua Apparel is known for its lightweight, stretchy material used for its outerwear that keeps golfers extremely comfort-able in any sort of weather condition. Antigua’s cloth-ing has beautiful quality along with outstanding functionality.

We decided to give Antigua’s Storm Suit a try. The Storm Suit is pack-able and can easily fit into a golf bag. It is so lightweight that you will not even notice it is there! The Storm Suit has many hidden features that we noticed while wearing it. There are several pass-through pockets, an elastic draw cord waistband as well as a bun-gee toggle bottom hem that is adjustable. On the inside left chest, there is a hidden pocket so you can store your belongings easily.


Bermuda Sands

Lastly, we checked out Ber-muda Sands. This company creates unique apparel that will make your styling completely effortless. The clothing is created out of fine yarns that are com-fortable and created in the company’s very own factories. Bermuda Sands features a Storm Cotton Line that is completely water repellent and soft.

We tried on the Tyvola ¼ Zip Pullover that features the Storm Cotton technology. Pouring water over this unbelievable garment, we literally watched water roll off of the sleeves, while stay-ing completely dry, warm and unaffected by the water. This pullover was beyond breathable and comfortable!



FootJoy is known for their exceptional fabrics and apparel designs for all weather conditions, with extreme techni-cal innovation as well as supreme comfort. FootJoy’s rain wear is modern, stylish and absolutely stunning.

We threw on FootJoy’s FJ HydroLite Rain Jacket & Pants. The HydroLite outerwear is created out of technology-packed materials for guaranteed waterproof and breathable protection. In FootJoy apparel, you will be protected in rainy and windy conditions. The HydroLite technology is lightweight and has a bonded liner. It is known as the most light-weight material that FootJoy offers!


Sunice’s golf outerwear line took off in 1992 and has been recognized as one of the strongest brands on the market ever since. Many of the PGA, European PGA and LPGA Pros trust Sunice to keep them dry! We experienced Sunice’s 2015 Hurricane and Tornado Collections. The Hurricane Collec-tion features Gore-Tex and Paclite technol-ogy that is “Guar-anteed to keep you dry.” The Ultimate Jacket is completely redesigned with a stretchy, waist cinching feel. The jacket is adjustable, protective and ex-tremely comfortable. The Tornado Collection features Sunice’s lightweight, stretchy and breath-able Flexvent fabric. This fabric is guaranteed to keep you comfortable and fully protected from all types of weather conditions. Not only did we feel completely dry in this apparel, but also extremely stylish and modern with the vi-brant colors and stunning prints.

zero-restrictionZero Restriction

Zero Restriction is an apparel company that has been making stunning waterproof rain wear for golfers since 1991. The company features Gore-Tex rain gear that has the “Guaranteed to keep you Dry” prom-ise. With many gar-ments top-rated at several private, public and resort courses, we guar-antee that Zero Restriction is a trusted choice to keep you dry.

First, we threw on the Stealth Jacket and Pants. The Stealth Jacket and Pants are created out of a stretchy, breathable and comfortable fabric thats softness will keep you completely warm. The Stealth Pants not only coordinate beauti-fully with the jacket, but are extremely comfort-able as well.

zero-restriction-2Next, we experienced the unbelievably light-weight Pinnacle Jacket. This jacket has zero re-striction and outstanding moisture permeability. The jacket features high elasticity as well as a smooth texture that is beyond comfortable. It is extremely easy to move around in, and can be utilized any-time and anywhere! Zero Restriction’s jackets can be per-fectly layered with their Z525 Pullover. The pullover is one of the softest and most light-weight jersey pullovers on the golf market. The pullover is breathable with soft fleece mate-rial inside the cuffs, as well as hidden zippered side pockets so you can store small personal belongings easily!