Improve Your Swing!

I love the game of golf! Like many who take up the sport, I am obsessed. Most who play are consumed by the never-ending quest to get better. Unfortunately, it is hard to improve.

I took up golf after college, and realized quickly that I was not blessed with a “natural” swing. Not dissimilar to most who take up the game later in life, I experienced all of the frustrations associated with learning how to play. About 4 years ago, my handicap hit an all-time low (5.9 index), and I was confident that I would continue to improve. The golf gods, however, had other plans.

Over the next three years, my game evaporated. Out of pure desperation, I acquired almost every golf training aid available on the market, while seeking a cure from a host of PGA instructors. Nothing worked, and my handicap ballooned to a 14.6 by the end of the 2015 season. As I contemplated quitting golf, I made a desperate decision to invest in a golf school. I had followed Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Golf Academy for years, and I felt that his philosophy would align best with my predicament. Martin Chuck introduced me to a tool that fundamentally altered my decent into the abyss.

Over the last 13 months, I have used a golf swing aid called the Swingclick PLUS. My handicap has dropped to a 7.8, and I am playing a lot better. The Swingclick PLUS helps me find the top of my backswing, and this reinforces the correct rhythm and tempo.

The Swingclick PLUS straps to a golfer’s forearm just below the elbow. The device clicks at the top of the backswing, at impact and on follow-through. The click at the top of my backswing gives me a mental cue to finish my backswing and this leads to my hands, body and club working in sync. This has given me an easy way to focus on one of the most challenging fundamentals in golf – rhythm.swingclick

The metamorphosis in my game has been a blessing as I desperately want to get better at golf.

My story underscores the profound impact this simple device will have on a golfer. For the price of a dozen golf balls, and regular use of the Swingclick PLUS, anyone can improve their game. Get yours today by visiting www.swingclickgolf.com (20% Discount Promo Code: NEGOLFMG)

The Swingclick PLUS –The World’s No.1 Rhythm and Transition Trainer