In January of 2010 the Golf Channel unveiled their new studio to golfers all over the world complete with latest technology and gadgets including a custom designed aboutGolf PGA Tour Simulator. After careful research by The Golf Channel gurus of the game, there was only once clear choice and it was aboutGolf. It is no wonder why aboutGolf has become the unprecedented choice of PGA Tour players worldwide. The quality, accuracy and performance of their new 3 Trak launch monitors delivers a truly realistic golf experience.

The market is literally flooded with products that provide golf simulation for both commercial and residential applications.  Few of these products even come close to the features and adaptive design capabilities of the aboutGolf product. For the last 20 years their engineers have been in the forefront of leading edge software and product development for the golf industry. The aboutGolf simulators provide data on club position; spin rate, speed, launch angle, and rotation rate to the highest level of accuracy all while playing some of the most incredible courses worldwide.   

     Chuck Faust, the companies president explained,”35% of all installations are residential but the largest applications for the product are teaching facilities in climate limited sites. Our largest installation is in Bangkok, Thailand where we currently have 40 simulators at Shane Wilding Golf Performance Centers where is is impossible to practice and play much of the year because of the blistering heat and monsoons in the region. By October of 2010 we will have 20 additional units at the site for a total of 60 simulators. There are also very large academy style installations of the product Beijing and Tokyo as well.”

   What’s next for aboutGolf is a plan that will bring their product to public and private golf clubs and allow players to improve their game skills year round in any conditions while creating year round income opportunities for the clubs.” It’s a win win situation for the industry” Chuck said, the success of our product is the feeling of realism it creates and its unmistakable degree of accuracy.”

   With over 50 of the most famous courses worldwide in the current PGA Tour Simulator library the choices of holes to play is endless. And with playable shots from tee to green in the fairway, the sand or on the green putting it all is about realism.

       In the New England region Evergreens Golf Simulators is the source for both residential and commercial installations and service for aboutGolf.  For information go to www.aboutgolf.com