Srixon Z745 driver


Srixon Z745 Iron


Srixon and Cleveland Golf, Srixon’s division known as premier wedge makers, have made a commitment to help golfers find the proper clubs to maximize their scoring potential and enjoyment of this very difficult game. In combination with Swingbyte, one of the companies on the leading edge of swing analysis development, two similar but separate processes for determining the club specifications needed by average players have been created.

Select Srixon retailers have the “Z Swing Analyzer,” an app which when linked to a Swingbyte sensor attached to the shaft of a standard 45-inch driver just below the grip captures data from each swing. In fact, as few as two swings can collect the data needed to measure 12 variables including swing path, efficiency, impact angle and attack angle.

The app produces what Srixon calls a Swing Action Score and then recommends which of their Z Series drivers and iron models best match. There are no extended fitting sessions or switching from club to club because Z Swing does it all. For example a Swing Action Score of 7.9 may not mean much to us but translates into a 10.5 degree Z745 driver and Z745 irons both with stiff shafts.


Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge

The system also measures tempo, swing plane, lag, hand position, shaft lean, impact position and clubhead speed then makes the calculations in seconds. A Swing Action Score of 4.1 indicates a slower swing speed and more inconsistent swing path so the recommendation would be a 10.5 degree Z355 driver which has a heavier clubhead and depending on the clubhead speed a stiff shaft. Finally the analysis goes on to suggest the optimal set make-up and which of Srixon ball models match up best.

As the name implies, Cleveland’s Wedge Analyzer does just that for wedges also by using a Swingbyte 2 sensor, this time attached to a wedge shaft. The app, specifically for wedges, records attack angle, shaft lean at impact and with the input of typical turf conditions for the course you play, shows the proper bounce and sole grind.

Additionally the Wedge Analyzer evaluates your current set of wedges based on the pitching wedge loft to ensure the gaps in wedge distances for 125-yards and less are correct. From all this information the proper Cleveland 588 RTX wedges are then recommended.

It’s important to recognize unlike launch monitor systems which measure the ball’s path, spin rate, etc., both the Z Swing Analyzer and the Wedge Analyzer work solely with the club to make the specific recommendations for your swing.


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