Swing Coach Training Club

Swing Coach after release

A major problem with novice golfers (and many experienced players too) is “casting.” That move from the top of the backswing putting the club shaft above the proper plane with the release or snap of the downswing too early causing a loss of distance and usually a big slice.

The Swing Coach is a practice device that provides instant feedback to train the user to make the shaft follow the proper path on the downswing plus the correct timing of the release to send the ball straight down the fairway.

It consists of a shaft with a clamp at the end holding a ball so when a swing is made the ball flies out telling the user both the swing path and the release point which is when the swing speed reaches about 70 mph. If the ball goes to the right the swing was too much on the inside and if too the left the Swing Coach was moving from the outside, the classic slicers move.

We had six players of various skill levels and ages try the Swing Coach with some interesting results. Two senior golfers (mid-handicaps) immediately saw what was required to make the ball go straight and were able to do it every time after just a couple of tries.

A female player after the first try had a lightbulb moment saying, “Oh! That’s what you’re supposed to do!” In spite of playing for 20 years she had never understood really what the swing was about especially the timing of the release and how to do it.

Most interesting thought was the reaction from a 13-year old who plays golf occasionally but is really into baseball. Being athletic he picked up on the Swing Coach’s benefit at once. “All you have to do is swing at the second baseman,” was his succinct analysis.

Negatives: High swing speed players have to swing at half speed since the clamp releases the ball at about 70 mph and only a right-handed model is available. Additionally some may feel at $109 it’s a bit pricey.

Recommendation: If slicing is the bane of your game the Swing Coach can show the proper swing path and timing of the release to start hitting the ball straight or even with a draw. Rather than another $400 driver this may be a better investment, one that can show how to stop slicing and get more enjoyment from your game. For additional information, instructional videos from top 100 instructor Dean Reinmuth and to order visit their website.