Get ready now for the 2017 Drive, Chip and Putt Championship

The fourth annual Drive, Chip and Putt Championship, a joint initiative founded by the Masters Tournament, USGA and PGA of America which invites boys and girls from all 50 states, ages 7-15, to participate in local qualifying from May to August, in the record books. Now top performers at the local level are competing for a chance to advance through the competition and earn an invitation to the National Finals at Augusta National Golf Club next April.3

This year 40 boys and 40 girls competed in the 2016 National Finals at Augusta April 3, the eve of this year’s Masters. If your beginner or junior golfer is preparing to take part in next year’s competition, or pursuing a dream of becoming a successful golfer, or wants to learn to play golf, SwingClick PLUS can help.
While technique is important in learning the game, all too often, beginners and amateurs get overwhelmed with all the science and instructional tips focused on how to swing a club “perfectly.” As a result, more people are walking away from the game because the learning process seems too long and too complicated. Golfers, especially beginners and juniors, want to experience the joy of success by hitting the ball in the air, getting it on the fairway, and having fun in the process.

The SwingClick PLUS is the answer to help beginners learn how to play the game in reduced timeframes. Once golfers get the basic fundamentals
in place: grip, alignment, stance and posture – the key to a good, consistent golf swing is timing and rhythm. The SwingClick PLUS provides beginners and all golfers this important frame of reference. The lightweight training device straps to the golfers forearm and clicks at three key points of the swing: at the top of the backswing, at impact and follow-through.
Most beginners don’t know where the top of their backswing is,” said Mike Quinn, Managing Director of SwingClick, former Sunshine Tour player and teaching professional. “The SwingClick1
PLUS provides students the ability to hear and more importantly, FEEL the point of transition, and develop the muscle memory to turn in the same position at the top every time with consistency.
If beginners and juniors learn to get their rhythm and tempo right, they will learn to play the game within six months instead of three years. Events like the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship helps build kids’ confidence and develop their love of the game … so more rounds will be played and everybody wins. ”

The new SwingClick PLUS is $39.99 and is available on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and swingclickgolf.com. The original SwingClick is $29.99. Quantity discounts available for golf academies, summer camps and instructors. A 20% discount is available with promo code: NEGOLFMG. For more information and video tips, visit swingclickgolf.com.