We received two dozen Volvik XT balls to test and wondered, since he is a three handicap with a 110+ swing speed and she is “forever 21” handicap with a lower swing speed, is it possible for the same ball to fit both our needs? The XT Soft is a 3-piece Urethane Cover ball with soft compression. The tones are soft as well in both colored and white shades making the balls visually appealing. The directional line markings are helpful, and the bold lettering makes personal identification easy in tall grass.

The Feel

Alice: I like the clean look and lines when approaching the ball. The flight pattern matches what I envision from the tee through the green. Less dispersion means more fairways and fewer shopping expeditions in the out of bounds or trouble areas. Since I am a beach baby, they still inevitably roll into bunkers but magically pop out.

Danny: I’m surprised by the control off the tee. The soft compression has a good contact feel without being mushy. I could compress my shots without losing control of spin.


The Distance

Alice: I am very pleased and believe I am getting the most distance with my swing speed.

Danny: Distance was never my problem. However, I liked the ball flight and control for a soft ball. I was able to keep side spin at a minimum.


The Conclusion

Alice: This is one of my favorite golf balls. When coaching my younger gals at Barker Brook, they always loved the different Volvik colors to match their outfits. People are surprised now to see Volvik white balls which I generally prefer.

Danny: If you seek a value priced ball with surprising distance and control, the XT Soft meets those requirements. As a low handicapper, I can recommend this ball plus I believe the 80 to 90 swing speed players who want the most from their game, will truly benefit from hitting the Volvik XT Soft.