Women’s Golf Day is an event happening the same day, same time and same format everywhere around the world. We are inviting all golf clubs, retail locations and golf facilities to participate in this event to engage and encourage women and girls to play golf. It is important that women have a positive experience around golf for themselves and because they are responsible for many of the family decisions. We would like to have as many courses and golf facilities represented as possible. Sign up your facility before April 12th. We are reaching out to the golfers starting April 13th to direct them to sign up at the participating locations around the world for the event on June 7th.  


LOGOwomens_golf_day_logoJune 7, 2016  4pm – 8pm
Same Day – Same Time – Everywhere Around the World

Waterville Golf Links founded in 1889 is the first course in Ireland, and was the first in Europe, to join Women’s Golf Day. Waterville was also one of the first golf courses in Ireland to grant women regular voting club memberships. We are honored that this prestigious golf course that is a world treasure, with a long history and tradition of superior golf and growing the game, is participating in Women’s Golf Day.

It is easy to sign up your location and participate. You choose the cost and the funds go directly to the club as it is all done through Eventbrite. You can also create a private WGD events for members only and still be a part of Women’s Golf Day.