Cadi is here at the WM Phoenix Open in Scottsdale! This is a great week for golf, and we’re excited about what’s going on for Cadi this week.

We’re here to celebrate our investors with Cadi Week. A lot of time and effort has gone into this week for our team. It’s an important moment for Cadi and the potential for future events like this and throughout the US. As our investor community grows so will the meaningful connections we can create with these types of events!


There’s so much to take in at the WMPO because of the unique experience here compared to other tour stops. It is just different, probably the best event on tour for fans. With concerts, live DJs, “The Loudest Hole in Golf”, you can’t help but admire the game and the passion fans have for golf. Of course, when you combine some drinks, golf, and summer weather you get a good crowd. The future for golf and the game feels really strong. There’s so much young talent on tour and amateurs proving themselves every week. Golf is growing and you can feel this energy.


On the Cadi business front, we’re moving forward with decisions that we’ll be sharing soon. We have some important progress coming, we’re just working through some details and dealing with moving timelines. More things to come that we’ll share with all of you. Can’t wait for it!


What is Cadi?

Cadi is combining autonomous technology with ecommerce to deliver the ultimate omnichannel shopping experience.


Cadi’s technology leverages a golfer’s most desired location, golf courses, to create a network of kiosks. Our platform gives golfers the freedom to demo, compare, and purchase products at their convenience. Cadi uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to curate product selection and create a personalized experience for each customer.