Cure PuttersJuly 4th weekend, while the sky was ablaze with fireworks, Cure Putters was busy lighting up the greens as the company announced the addition of four bold new colors to their line of completely customizable RX Series Putters. Available colors now include blue, red, orange and hot pink, in addition to the standard black and silver color options.

Said CEO James P. McCarthy, “We are excited to be able to offer these great new colors, but it is really just the icing on the cake. What really matters is that our putters can and will help golfers of any skill level perform better and have more confidence on the greens.”

Cure Putters’ claim to fame is a unique combination of adjustability and design features that help golfers eliminate several key variables that cause putting problems and inconsistency – the first of which is an adjustable lie angle. Golfers can set the shaft to their ideal position and address the ball naturally, the same way every time. Additionally, the shafts are interchangeable and can be easily swapped out at a moments notice by loosening four small bolts. This allows the user to try different shafts or reconfigure the putter from right to left-handed. This is beneficial not only for the instructor or pro shop, who can now custom fit any player in about two minutes, but also for the golfer who wants to experiment with different lengths or styles of shaft by simply changing the shaft.

Next, the adjustable weighting system enables the player to dial in the perfect feel to suit their stroke and tempo, while delivering the highest Moment Of Inertia (MOI) of any putter – a staggering range of 11,000 to over 20,000 MOI. This dramatically higher MOI makes the putter extremely stable and incredibly forgiving, virtually eliminating mishits and resulting in unprecedented accuracy and distance control.

The RX2 model also features a Patent Pending Triangulation Alignment System invented byFormer PGA TOUR Commissioner, Deane Beman, which makes aiming easier, more accurate and dependable.  

Cure Putters has gained tremendous momentum since its launch at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show where it earned the #1 spot on the PGA.com Product Spotlight. In June, based on feedback from Tour players, Cure Putters added an offset shaft to their product line and now with six great colors to choose from, they have added one more dimension to a truly personalized and customized club fitting experience.

Said McCarthy, “The original idea for the colors came from some of the LPGA players at the PGA Merchandise show. They wanted to order several heads to match different outfits. Once we started to show the first color samples to the guys on the PGA TOUR and to the amateurs at our green grass locations, they thought colors would be a fantastic advantage.”

McCarthy Continued, “We’ve got some local players here in Jacksonville, for example, who played for the University of Florida and matched a blue head with an orange grip. Adding colors simply gives us one more advantage over other putter companies when it comes to complete customization. Whether it is your school colors, your favorite outfit or you simply find a color that helps you visualize your stroke better, Cure Putters offers choices like no other putter company on the planet.”

“In addition to the performance advantage offered by our design, we feel that also giving a player a better visual can improve their confidence over the ball, so whether it’s looking down at the alignment pin on the RX1, the Triangulation Alignment Discs on the RX2 or just seeing a different color…it can make a big difference,” said Cure Putters inventor, Steve Davis. Davis went on to explain, “This is not a painted on color. We add the colors through an anodizing process, which actually makes the color part of the aluminum surface and very durable.”

Cure Putters’ new colors are available today as an immediate option on the Cure Putters website (www.cureputters.com), as well as in all green grass and retail locations.

Each putter comes complete with a standard weight kit and head cover, as well as the tools and instructions for adjusting the lie angle and weight for a custom fit. Cure RX putters are available in any length shaft from 32″ – 50″ with a choice of a straight or offset shaft. Standard grip options include a WINN midsize pistol (black) or a matching colored Iomic grip. Super Stroke grips are also available as an upgrade.

Founded by PGA Professional, Jeff Ryan, and partner Steve Davis, an architect with a scratch handicap, the Veritas Golf Company has invented what former PGA TOUR Commissioner Deane Beman has called “the most technologically advanced putters ever made.” The first putter invented by Davis, the Cure RX1 Putter, represented a breakthrough in putter engineering. Based on the highest MOI design in the industry and adjustable lie angles, and adjustable weighting, Beman says “the RX1 made other putters obsolete.”

In fact, Mr. Beman was so impressed after testing the RX1 that he became a part owner in the company and collaborated with Mr. Davis on the design of the RX2, which incorporates Beman’s own patent pending triangulation alignment system.

Beman says, “Golf instructors have tested thousands of golfers; and find that golfers, including PGA Tour pros, cannot, and do not, aim their putter where they think they are aimed. The Cure RX2 Putter is simply the best prescription available.”