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The Dream Never Dies, Just the Dreamer

Oh no, not another platform!!  That was my first thought when the initiative was first brought to my attention. The more we talked about it and how it could be interesting and fun to bring on special guests to bring their insights to you from wherever they may be.  Let’s do it!

Me, I never considered myself a radio kind of guy, although I have been told I have a face for it, LOL. When I hear my voice, it kind of sounds weird but my partner in crime tells me I have a great voice.

The fact is that in working with a seasoned professional like Mike Wixson, he can even make me sound good. We certainly owe it to him for making things happen in a timely fashion.  Mike has an extensive radio history starting at CFNY 102.1 back in the day and All Hits 680 CFTR. Those of you in Southern Ontario might remember that. Back then, I had black hair and well…Mike had hair! Mike went on to produce TV shows for YTV, CBS, QUEBECOR, and he has directed, written or voiced over 1,000 commercials. Most recently he was the afternoon host of the Mike & Rosie Drive Home show on 105.9 The Region in the GTA, known there as Mike Atom. Now Mike is producing podcasts with a wide array of known personalities. We consider ourselves lucky to be with him. Mike loves to laugh and his weakness is espresso.

Our first six Podcasts are “On the Air”. Considering the COVID situation and with air travel maybe not being the first choice for travel just yet, we are looking at destinations that might be a decent drive for you. Our Podcasts average about 30 minutes in length, pour a glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy!

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As the world opens up for travel and it will – with me being the North American representative for IAGTO (the global tourism organization for the golf industry) – we can deliver from all parts of the globe!  If you have a request for a destination please reach out to traveling.golfer1@gmail.com

Recently we landed in the Home of American Golf, Pinehurst, after coming from America’s Summer Golf Capital – Boyne, Michigan. While at French Lick Resort in Indiana we sipped on some Bourbon everywhere else we sipped and talked wine.

In Canada we went to the Capital City of Ottawa, hardly ever considered as a golf destination but maybe it should be. Then to the site of one of the Wonders of the World – Niagara Falls and the three great Niagara Parks Courses and some wines of Niagara region.

Primarily we are a golf tourism Podcasts but every once in a while we will bring in some equipment, style and accessories that we as golfers need…or want! In the first of those we talked about the clubs making the biggest NEW impact on the PGA Tour – Tour Edge. Bag Boy Travel Covers to protect our precious cargo and sunglasses to see those putts better.

If you like what you hear or even like what you see, there are plenty of videos on our YouTube Channel – please hit the subscribe button and you won’t miss a single episode.  Of course, they are there to listen to at your leisure.

Pinot goes well with golf – either red or white!