Are YOU the Product Of a Broken System?

kay1Hello my fellow golf friends! Bring it in if you want to know the “why” behind getting golf “fit.”

First of all, you’re a rock star. Why? Yes you’re right I do not know you. But if you are reading this article it is evident you care about body, want to improve your golf game and strive to enhance your performance. Now THAT’S how champions are made. THAT is rock star status.

Some of you may know me. Some of you might be saying who is this woman and why should I trust her with my golf game? I get it. I did the same thing when it came time to face the gym music. I ran, far away. Golf fitness may seem like a fantastic idea on paper. We constantly read about this buzz word in golf digest, golf channel and TPI. Talk about information overload! But in reality it can be SCARY and confusing as all heck. Why? Now you need to take all those bits and pieces of information following and put it into your own program! Some of your heads may be spinning when it comes to answering the following questions:

● Where do I start?

● What exercises do I put in my program?

● When do I perform those exercises?

● How many reps/sets?

● How many times per week I lift?

● Do I look like an idiot warming up?

● Will I lose flexibility & mobility, or possibly “bulk up?”

● What should I be eating during the round? Pre/post round? Pre/post workout?

● When should I be eating the above?

● What things should I be doing on my “off days?”

● Do I need massage therapy?

● Should I be telling my swing coach what I’m doing?

I am here to say I have lived through it all. I am here to help educate and SHOW you the WHY behind the need to get “golf fit,” WHAT that means and HOW to do it. You are NO LONGER ALONE. Let’s help form a TEAM around you and get these vital questions answered. Trust me, when you know all of that, getting in the gym and treating your body like the full blown athlete it is, isn’t so scary anymore.

kay3Before we kick this season off right, please allow me to share my story with you. When I mean, “I get it,” I truly get it and I am the product of a broken system. When I was 13, my grandfather introduced me to the game of golf. HOOKED FOR LIFE. I crushed golf ball after golf ball, thinking I was doing everything in my power to chase those LPGA Tour dreams. I had a very successful high school career and wanted to give college golf a try. It was then I enrolled into Methodist University and had the honor of playing alongside National Champions on a National championship team. WOW. Freshman year was full of swing changes and then it hit. Lower back pain like you wouldn’t believe. Why? I was trying to put a square peg through a round hole. MY BODY PHYSICALLY COULD NOT DO WHAT I WANTED IT TO DO.

It was until I started working out with a TPI Professional who pinpointed what my physical limitations were and explained their correlation to my swing flaws. I THEN had a plan of attack to tackle my pain and take control of my body. I started lifting, and lifting heavy. This has changed my LIFE. Yes I said life. You will find- if you haven’t already, the more you lift, the stronger you become. The stronger you become the happier and more confident you feel. That my friend is the recipe for complete mental clarity to take down any opponent you tee it up with.

It doesn’t matter what shoes you find yourself in right now. College athlete? High school? Amateur? Touring Professional? Weekend warrior? It doesn’t matter. We as golfers need to be EXPLOSIVE, STRONG, and MOBILE and need to be preventing injury. THAT is what keeps us WINNING tournaments, OUTDRIVING opponents, and REDUCING INJURY. If I had known about the “why” behind being golf fit, I would have avoided a lot of pain, discouragement and frustration. That is why I am here. I want to help you AVOID those pitfalls. Over the course of this year I will be bringing you through everything from warm-ups, workouts, how to avoid common injuries and cool downs. I’m ready to help you! LET’S GET IT!