Author “Fit for Golf, Fit for Life,” 2017 Classics of Golf. Masters thesis “strength and conditioning for recreational golfers,” Penn State University 1992. Fitness trainer for dozens of PGA tour players, college teams and the victorious 2016 American Ryder Cup Team. Among the active players Myers works with includes: Davis Love III, Zach Johnson, Billy Horschel, Lucas Glover, Brian Harman and Brandt Snedeker.


My passion for health and longevity has been a life long commitment. From my earliest years I participated in multiple sports and studied  sports conditioning in college and graduate school. The commercial fitness industry was in it’s infancy during the 1980s when I began consulting with health clubs throughout the United States. After analyzing training protocols for many sports, I saw golf was without a standard fitness programming. In 1992 I began working as the Director of Fitness for PGA National Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, as an educator for the PGA of America.

Gary Wiren was instrumental in promoting fitness education with the PGA of America in the early 1990s. In his roll as Director of Education, Dr. Wiren assisted my research and supported a golf fitness agenda throughout the organization. Additionally – Mike Adams, Todd Anderson, Butch Harman and Mike Bender — all top golf instructors — assisted me in understanding the golf swing.

My first students were golf legends Gary Player and Lee Trevino. They supported my passion and helped me refine my training protocol for serious golfers. After 12 years at PGA National, I moved to Sea Island and began replication of my golf training business at the five-star resort in South Georgia. Now, after 25 years of training golfers of all ability levels my first book has been released to educate golfers and trainers about the proper fundamentals of golf longevity and conditioning.


You wake up in the morning — what’s the motivator that gets your motor running?

 Morning workouts get me up and going. Stimulate the body with movement and the benefits will last all day long. Start with a balanced breakfast and then get to the gym. You feel better and make correct eating decisions the rest of the day because of your efforts to exercise early in the day. Biggest misconception made by golfers regarding working out / physical fitness programs is what?

 Every golf fitness program should be based on two important factors; longevity and individualization. If you won’t be doing the program for the long term it’s not viable. Additionally, every golfer swings and moves differently. Programs should be body type based and specific to the goals and commitment of each athlete. 

When people begin working out what’s the biggest mistake many make?

 Being too aggressive when beginning a new fitness program. Start slow and build momentum. Every workout should provide several basic movements that indicate how your body is functioning that day. In my book, assessment trumps all else. Start by addressing your limitations and the workout portion of the program will be more effective.

Do men and women approach work outs and physical fitness programs differently?

 For golfers, understanding balance and mobility are your two greatest assets. Any exercise can become more challenging if balance is included in the movement. Example is a dumbbell curl becomes far more difficult when you combine it with a step up on a bench or simply standing on one leg to do the curl. Women are generally more flexible so we build strength components into the program from the outset. Conversely, as men age they tend to have tighter, less mobile joints and musculature. As I emphasized earlier, seek the assistance of a certified golf trainer to design an individualized protocol.

It’s nor unusual for people short on time to rush to the course before teeing off. What key things can and should they do — when time is limited before playing?

 Stretch appropriately for five to ten minutes before hitting balls and the benefits will last the entire round. Focus on posture, hip mobility and shoulder rotation. Every golfer can benefit from doing what the best players in the world do – spend time warming up your muscles and stick to a specific routine. 

Personal trainers are a big time item today. How does a person know if the relationship between student and teacher is working and not working?

A golfer should know within a few weeks if the relationship is working because they will seen an improvement in their ball striking consistency and full swing accuracy.I was involved with Greg Rose and Dave Phillips from the very beginning of the Titleist Performance Institute. Now there are over 30,000 certified golf fitness professionals worldwide. Building your team – teacher, club fitter, trainer, sports psychologist, takes time and research. At Sea Island, we emphasize the team approach for our professional golfers. It is a check and balance approach that is now commonplace with all pros. Try it, the dividends are amazing. 

Major golf organizations are seeking ways to attract more players to the game given the stagnate nature over the last several years. The focus being on Millennials, women and minorities. How do you view the situation and what steps do you see as being crucial in order to grow the game with the aforementioned groups and others?

 My thought on growing the game of golf is two fold. First and most importantly, keep golfers playing longer and enjoying the game. Second, introduce a friend or family member to the game and assist them in developing a love for golf. It is a challenging and difficult game that can be frustrating if you over estimate your abilities and expectations. Have fun,  play fast, don’t get bogged down with crazy rules and occasionally play alternate shot or match play.

You can change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why?

 One thing I would change in golf is eliminating the golf cart. In my opinion this part of the game has alternated the interactions of golfers. Walking is a big part of the game and better for your health. Next time you play, walk and carry your bag or take a caddie. 

Best advice you ever received. What was it and who from?

 Keep learning and focus on developing a specific protocol that can be dynamic and effective.When I was just getting started, Gary Player told me he didn’t think half the exercises he was doing was helping his golf game. He asked me to evaluate his movements and develop a golf specific program. When a legend come to you with an open mind and willingness to change, it leaves a remarkable impression that’s lasts a lifetime. Keep learning and you will keep growing. That’s my best advice. 

How can ordinary golfers hook up with a qualified trainer? Is there a process you recommend?

 I’m proud to say golf trainers are now part of a global organization call TPI. You can find a trainer in your area by accessing www.mytpi.com. Or visit my website randymyersgolf.com and send me a note. 



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