All Inclusive Golf and Social Facilities are Booming

A new evolution in golf has arrived and it has taken the game of golf to a whole new level. Golf was always conceived as a green grass game outdoors. There is a whole new golf industry bursting out nationwide and world-wide and it is growing faster than any sector of the game today.

The National Golf Foundation who keeps track of all the research and statistics in the game today on rounds played, players and economics that surround the industry is now planning a new Golf Industry report for 2018. It will be the first time NGF has tracked both on course and off course activity in the game. The reason is simple, golf’s new emerging indoor and social model is the fastest growing sector of the game today.


Chelsea Pier aerial view

In 1995, The Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex opened in NYC. Chelsea Piers is a 28-acre waterfront sports village located between 17th and 23rd Streets along Manhattan’s Hudson River. This $120 million, privately-financed project transformed four historic, but long-neglected, piers into a major center for public recreation and waterfront access. Situated on Piers 59, 60 and 61 and in the Head House that connects them, the Complex features The Golf Club, a Sports Center, The Sky Rink, The Field House, The Fitness Center, The Event Center, restaurants and much more. Chelsea Piers has now opened a Connecticut location and has just announced plans for a new facility in Brooklyn, NY.


Chelsea Piers

The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, Manhattan’s only four-tiered, year-round outdoor driving range, offers the unique opportunity to hit full shots, practice putting and take lessons from top golf professionals. Located on a scenic Hudson River pier, this four-tiered “super-range” features a 200-yard fairway, a full-service teaching academy, Full Swing simulators, and a membership program for frequent golfers. The entertainment, social engagement, parties, events, group activities and golf festivals was an immediate hit with golfers and non-golfers who wanted to learn more about the game.

In 2000 in the Joliffe brothers in the UK developed the first 3 Topgolf located in suburbs of London in Essex, Herts and Surrey. The indoor golf and golf themed entertainment facilities were immediately a hit and today, Topgolf operates 34 locations in 5 countries with 20 additional locations presently being built.


TopGolf Private Suite

Topgolf continues to blend technology and entertainment with golfers and non-golfers as well as children and adults – to create an experience that makes socializing a sport for everyone. No matter the occasion or who you share it with, we believe every great time starts with play, is fueled by food and beverage, moved by music and made possible through community.

Every Topgolf venue features dozens of high-tech, climate-controlled hitting bays for year-round comfort, a chef-inspired menu for year-round deliciousness and hundreds of Associates eager to help create the moments that matter. With 34 venues entertaining more than 10.5 million Guests annually, original content shows, next-gen simulator lounges, competitive tours, pop-up social experiences and the world’s largest digital golf audience, Topgolf is truly everyone’s game.


TopGolf Las Vegas

Topgolf’s economic impact in its local communities is remarkable, often creating 500 full and part-time jobs at each venue and serving as an anchor tenant that tends to attract other popular franchises to the area. In fact, its economic output in major market venues exceeds $250 million over a 10-year-period, according to third-party auditors. The model’s success rate is staggering and drawing investors for every sector of the market.

One thing is for sure, golf is changing and so are the business models that surround the game. We are entering a new era in the game that is finally targeting new generations of golf consumers that have opted out of the traditional golf model. The game is reinventing itself through innovation and technology while adding many more social and entertainment choices for a wider range of customers of all ages.