Have the Experience of a Lifetime at FORE!Golf

Gather all your friends and have a grand ol’ time golfing at FORE!Golf Entertainment in Westborough. FORE! Golf Entertainment gives you the opportunity to experience many of the world’s most famous golf courses year round! Participate in golf leagues, tournaments, or just play a casual round with friends at a time that is convenient for you. FORE!Golf offers a sophisticated atmosphere, 8 aboutGolf wide-screen simulators, a full bar, a selection of American and Asian Bistro cuisine, and a relaxing environment.

Whether you are an avid golf enthusiast or the weekend golfer, you will completely enjoy the FORE! Golf experience, from scenic driving ranges to the demanding courses of the Pro Tour. Every course detail is meticulously replicated, right down to blades of grass and texture of tree bark. Course renderings use vivid colors, realistic views, dynamic shadows and even real-life glare. With aboutGolf ‘s 3D graphics, you’ll believe you are there. Your drives, irons, chips and putts are precisely replicated, you’ll feel like you’re actually there!
I had the opportunity to spend two hours at FORE!Golf, which was an amazing experience. This was my very first time golfing using a virtual simulator, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I was pleased with the quality of the simulators. I decided to play Pebble Beach and it seemed like all of my shots were absolutely correct in terms of distance. If you happen to land in the water, you can drop your ball anywhere you would like to by using the screen to the right of you. You can also zoom in on where your ball is on the hole you’re playing and you also have the choice of calling a mulligan for a bad shot. In addition, and perhaps the most useful tool of this simulator is the fact you can decide whether you want to play bogey, double bogey or triple bogey before you begin playing. This will all depend on your skill level, so choose wisely.

There is an option where you can decide whether you want to putt during your round. I decided to try putting, however the greens are fast and it’s difficult to gauge how hard you should putt your ball. It’s helpful that it tells you the distance and tries to give you guidelines on where to aim for on the screen, however this was difficult for me. I like to be able to physically see the hole in front of me, but everyone is different. You need to try what works best for you.
In any regard, I was impressed with the setup of the place. The workers there are unbelievable kind and will help you right away if you have an issue with the simulator or if you’re not sure how to use it correctly. There’s a bartender that will ask you if you need any drinks or food during your round. I didn’t get to try the drinks because it was 8 A.M. and it seemed a bit too early to have a glass of rum. In any case, I can assure you it’s as good as the rest of the amenities they offer there.

This is one of the best premier indoor golf entertainment venue in New England. I sincerely recommend this to anyone looking to practice golfing during the cold winter months. I will be coming back for more practice soon and you should too!
FORE! Golf Entertainment will be located at 153 Turnpike Road (Rt. 9), Westborough, MA, less than two miles from Rt. 495 and the Mass Pike. For League, Outing, or any other information please write us at info@foregolfentertainment.com. Or visit facebook.com/FOREgolfentertainment.