The Golf Club Simulation Game

In theory golf simulators are every mans dream. Golf rain or shine, don’t have to leave your house and you get instant feedback on your swing. The dream goes away once you see the price tag. Whether you are paying to play somewhere or looking to get an in-home simulator, it is a price not many average golfers are able to pay.
R-Motion Golf has you covered.

They recently announced a new simulator technology partnering up with The Golf Club Game and Pro Tee United.

Sports technology and simulation company, Rapsodo, has developed a technology that allows users to play the award-winning Golf Club Game as a simulator with true ball flight and distances, using their own clubs and a real ball.
The crazy part is, it is only $299 dollars. The cheapest simulator you will find with this quality.

Before teaming up with R-Motion Golf, The Golf Club Game was similar to the average simulator where you needed expensive technology to make it work. But R-Motion Golf has developed a small sensor you place at the base of your grip that registers your swing and ball impact. The crazy thing is, is that the sensor weighs less than a half ounce and they claim it will have zero effect on your golf swing.

The $299 dollars buys you a golf swing tracking unit with a battery life up to four hours (around 300 swings), four club attachments, a Bluetooth USB dongle to insert into your computer and TGC golf simulation software. This software includes 15 beautiful courses and a driving range for you to practice some fades and draws.
The software is simple, you square your clubface to the ball and wait one second and that syncs the software letting them know you’re ready to hit. Swing away and the small tracker on your club will calculate club speed, face angle and other factors, and your ball will be sailing down the fairway in no time, and hopefully straight.
So, when your tax return comes in, take a look into the future of simulators and not only will you be able to improve your game year round, your golf buddies will be begging to come to your house.