Fall is here and it is now time to plan the next half of your season. New England has reached what we like to call the Indoor Golf Season. We can all play this great game on some of the best courses in the world, practice on the range, take a series of video golf lessons, work out with a Certified Golf Fitness professional and get properly fit for brand new 2012 equipment all in the same indoor facility. The best part about indoor golf facilities is that leagues and tournaments are very popular so we can still enjoy a sandwich and a cold one after our round. Finally, indoor golf simulators make for a wonderful family or couples day, as the pressures of the rules and pace of play are not as important. How many of you have ever done any of these standard outdoor golf tasks on an indoor golf simulator or at an indoor facility? How many of you can name an indoor golf facility that your foursome, group or league has frequented during the Indoor Golf Season?

New England Golf Monthly is here this Indoor Golf Season to provide you with technology from aboutGolf PGA Tour Simulators, profiles of almost all the indoor golf facilities in New England and even some suggested training aids to use virtually anywhere indoors. Don’t miss next issues, My Golf Space: Turn A Space in Your Home, Office or Golf Facility into an Indoor Golf Haven!


When it comes to golf simulators, the saying fits: “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Golf simulators have now reached a status as not only an effective means for both enjoying and improving your game, but arguably the most effective means. Homeowners are increasingly installing golf simulators as part of game rooms and home theaters, simulators have become a must for golf retailers and their existence is accelerating the presence of golf academies and has created an entirely new business sector known as indoor golf centers. As well, golf courses are realizing the opportunity for generating revenue through the use of simulators in the off-season and evenings. Even World No. 1 Luke Donald owns a simulator. One of the companies leading the growth of the simulator industry and pushing innovation of golf performance products is aboutGolf, based in Maumee, Ohio. You see their PGA TOUR Simulator on Golf Channel programming, including The Golf Fix with Michael Breed.

aboutGolf offers scalable golf solutions to meet many needs through a variety of product offerings. From their full-scale simulators, with both singlescreen and three-screen options, to performance hitting bays and standalone or integrated teaching modules, aboutGolf has a package for seemingly endless applications of immersive play experiences. “We are dedicated to developing and applying innovative, state-of-the-art technology to enhance and improve the game for golfers at every level,” says Bob Ryan, Chairman and CEO of aboutGolf. Perhaps its most well-known product is aboutGolf’s SimSurround, a three-screen simulator that fills nearly all your peripheral vision with course environments. Add in aboutGolf’s more than 50 courses, including the exclusive TPC Collection, as well as options for voice activation, 3D and sound enhancements, including announcer modes and crowd reactions – and you’ve got some very jealous buddies.

All of aboutGolf ’s products are equipped with its proprietary 3Trak technology. 3Trak is the 3D, highspeed, machine vision system that provides ball and club data. It is this technology and aboutGolf ’s dedication to new product advancement that has led to relationships with PGA TOUR, Golf Channel, European Tour and World No. 1 Luke Donald. “Simulators offer so many benefits to the game of golf,” says aboutGolf President Chuck Faust. “They break down barriers to the game. Such as time, weather, access and intimidation, specifically in the case of women and beginners.”And they are gaining traction. In Asia, more than 15 million rounds of “screen golf” are played each year. The access to and cost of golf in many parts of Asia prevent a significant portion of the golfing population from engaging with the game in its traditional fashion. And indoor golf in the United States is growing as well. But, with the increased focus on custom fit equipment, simulators are also popping up in golf retail shops and teaching facilities across the globe. Randy Henry, founder of Henry-Griffitts, and arguably the father of custom club fitting, says while he initially thought the idea of fitting a golf club indoors was ridiculous, he now believes there is no better environment for fitting and teaching. He has an aboutGolf SimSurround at the Randy Henry Dynamic Swing Center, his teaching facility in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The future for golf simulators and related golf performance technology is ripe with potential, thanks to companies like aboutGolf. With an already diverse group of products, including PGA TOUR Simulators, aG Studio launch monitor, 50 courses and multiple range venues, Peform Pro analysis software, aG Flix video analysis system, aG Balance Pro dual-force place weight transfer analysis system, voice activation, 3D, enhanced sound modules, aG Control multiple simulator management software and more, about- Golf plans to continue the release of new products and features.

“The potential for both aboutGolf and the golf community is thrilling,” says Faust. “The partnerships and product development opportunities we are developing will revolutionize the game.” To turn your home into a golf haven or generate revenue, contact aboutGolf ’s Greater New England Area Dealer:


The Broken Tee features three Full Swing Golf Simulators with 38 courses to choose from and various practice modes. We are currently open by appointment however we have scheduled a Special Veterans Day Opening weekend on 11/11/11 to benefit Homes For Our Troops. Public play, Leagues and Tournaments are available. Ask about our Super Shot Program and Floating Leagues which begin on 12/3/11. PGA lessons with Mark Kitchen are available at year round. Single one hour lessons are $55 or a package of 4 one hour lessons for $180. We carry a full line of TaylorMade equipment, we can properly fit you for your next set and there is a gym next door as well. Finally, while watching a game on our big screen TV’s while you play you can enjoy many different kinds of beer and feast on some food. Enjoy this great game this Indoor Golf Season at The Broken Tee Virtual Golf Club. 508-923-4653. TheBrokenTee.com 166 County Road, Lakeville, MA 02347.