Randy Salvatore is Founder and President of RMS Companies, a full-service construction and development company based in Stamford, CT that specializes in boutique hotels, townhouse communities and best-in-class apartment residences throughout Connecticut and New York. Over the past two decades Randy has earned a top tier reputation for property development for his unequaled craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and a deep connection to the local community.

Notable recent development projects include, The Goodwin Hotel in Hartford, CT and Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury, Norwalk, and Stamford.  In addition, he is responsible for the UCONN Residences in Stamford, and numerous rental apartment properties in southwest Connecticut and New York.


When I was 12 I started my own landscaping business. I earned enough money to invest the profits into acquiring my first condominium. From that point on I knew I was meant to be the in the property development and hospitality business … and here I am.


You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving passion?

Motivate all the people within my company.  We’re in the hospitality business, together we are working to meet and exceed our guests’ expectations that we are delivering on every day.

What attributes does the Goodwin provide that others in Hartford do not offer?

The Goodwin Hotel provides a local, historic ambiance in a magnificently renovated and restored Victorian era hotel that is unique to the Hartford market. The independent, boutique hotel provides a customized guest experience from the minute they walk through the door through our hospitality, food and beverage and room amenities.

Customer service is often touted by those in the lodging industry. Define the term.

Customer service is the ability to meet and exceed the expectations of the customer in all aspects of their hotel stay. All our guests come with an expectation of what they are looking for when they stay at our property and we are here to deliver on that with the whole guest experience.


How often do you interact with those staying at one of your properties and what specific instance was truly memorable?  

One of my favorite experiences that touts our very customized service is about a reoccurring guest who stayed weekly for business. Upon his first stay he asked for a recommendation for a restaurant that served a specific drink.  The following week the front desk took it upon themselves to have the ingredients and drink waiting in his room upon his arrival. We take the extra time to get to know our customers and exceed their expectations again and again.

Curious to know, when you’re traveling and staying at a hotel — what’s the first thing you notice? 

The very first thing I noticed upon entering a hotel is the energy in the common area right when you walk through the door. That feel when you walk through the lobby is so critical because it sets the stage and the tone for the rest of the hotel experience.

Define memorability from the vantage point of the guest and how do you seek to achieve that? 

The hospitality business is all about the little details that you must execute to meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. The key is to provide some of those special touches that they didn’t expect while making sure that you execute every detail so there is a positive result.  When the guest walks away they feel gratified and have a desire to return.


Your biggest pet peeve is what?

When our employees don’t outwardly engage our guests when they walk in the hotel – no matter their position in the hotel. They are guests and we need to immediately make them feel at home.

As baby boomers age out — there’s much emphasis on reaching Millennials. What’s your approach on doing so? 

We strive to create spaces and common areas through our food and beverage offerings where Millennials, and those of all ages, can interact and engage to dine or just to socialize.  The Goodwin Hotel is a perfect example of providing unique spaces that have become a cultural consort of Hartford’s hospitality scene with our newly acclaimed Porrón & Piña, a tapas-style restaurant and craft cocktail bar.