NEGM: “James, Do you recall the first moment in time that you felt a spark about golf?   You know, excited and enthused about the sport? ”

JD: “I sure do. It was an old Bobby Jones instructional film. Jones was explaining the pitch, while he fired shot after shot into a small circle from about 50 yards out!  I was impressed and fascinated.”

NEGM: “Did you play much golf in High School?”

JD: ” I went to High School in Brookline, and also went to TAFT. I played Hockey and Golf.”

NEGM” Where is your home these days?”

JD:  “I have a summer place in downtown Boston, and spend the winters in Jupiter, Fla. ”

NEGM” You were a standout in college. Why did you pick Virginia University? ”

JD: ” Virginia had a good golf program and the weather was pretty decent. I wanted to stay somewhere in the East.”

NEGM” If I recall, the Virginia team was quite good. ”

JD: “Not really, I had some good showings, but as a team, we were pretty average.”

NEGM: ” Did you have any teammates that went on to become   pro golfers? ”

JD: ” Yes, Steve Marino and I were team mates. He was a couple of years ahead of me. ”

NEGM:  “Any movies to recommend? ”

JD: ” Sure, Blindside, and Shutter Island. Both excellent films in different ways. ”

NEGM:  ” What did you do in the off season? ”

JD:   ” I played hockey 5 days a week to stay in shape. It was great. I gained a lot of strength, and lost a few teeth in the process!”

NEGM: ” How is life treating you on the PGA Tour?

JD: ” I am really enjoying it.  Great guys, excellent courses, and a lot to learn! “