Sometimes fashion is about taking chances and being bold.  Setting trends is all about creating a look that you love and know others will too.  This is just what Karen Lovcik did when she created Glove IT Nicole Miller.  Here is an interview with Karen and a window into her company:

What inspired you come up with the idea for Glove IT? My friends and I were having a “social” golf outing and I kept thinking there needed to be some fashionable, yet functional, golf gloves to match my golf attire….if you don’t play well, you can at least look stylish!

Why did you get involved in the Golf Industry?  My career was in the fashion industry and I had an active lifestyle.  Accessorizing was my always my “thing” so when I couldn’t find matching golf gloves for my outings with friends, I decided to do something about it.

How long has the company been in business? 7 years

How did you become involved with Nicole Miller? I wanted to have a branded, exclusive label and loved Nicole Miller’s conversational prints.  I had sold her men’s ties in my store and knew they were a licensed product.  So, I contacted the corporate office and have had their licensing agreement for the past 5 years.  It has been a great addition to the company and brings an upper layer of products with exclusive prints and the notable branding.

What are the company’s future plans? We are developing new products, expanding the market share to the gift market and international distribution.

Would you ever come out with a clothing line or partner with an existing clothing manufacturer so the accessories can be coordinated with apparel? This is definitely an option.  We have and are currently manufacturing gloves and visors for apparel lines.

In 2005, your Pink Ribbon Collection was selected as the best new product, how is the Rally for the Cure program working for you? Rally for the Cure is an outstanding organization and we are very proud to partner with them.  Through our donations for both the golf and tennis fundraising events, we will continue to help promote awareness and raise funds for research for the cure.

Does Glove IT have plans to expand their International distribution to more than the U.S., Canada, and Australia? Yes!  We are also in Europe, the UK, Japan, and South America .

Are they going to be available at more retail shops in the future? With the diversity of our product line, we have hired rep groups in the gift industry to sell  our active lifestyle accessories.  Our tote bags, caps, visors, wristlets, and water bottle covers are perfect are versatile and merchandise well in gift/card shops and boutiques!