I started Adams Golf in 1998 after working on the range for years as a custom golf club fitter. I watched thousands of golfers struggle to hit the ball, so I came up with the Tight Lies Fairway Wood. It was an instant hit and revolutionized the game for many golfers.

I decided to focus on the putter shafts since there had been no significant innovation for decades. I was lucky enough to assemble a team of award-winning engineers and after years of research and development and countless tedious hours of testing and perfecting the Stability shaft was developed.


I started caddying and working in the bag room when I was 13. In college a golf teammate had a beautiful new persimmon driver that you couldn’t hit solidly. As I caddied and moved into playing different clubs, that always stuck with me…why did people want to use a club you couldn’t even hit?

Even though I worked and had a family, golf was a passion of mine and I constantly wanted to get into the industry. My chance came when a mutual friend introduced me to Dave Pelz. The rest, as they say is history and I’ve never regretted one minute of my career in golf.


You wake up in the morning – what’s the driving passion?

Staying active physically and mentally. Breakthrough Golf has kept my extremely busy.

You had tremendous success when bringing forward Tight Lies and making it a huge success a number of years ago. Why the desire to get back into the golf industry again?

My obsession with golf.

What was the genesis for the Stability Shaft via Breakthrough Golf Technology?

I was approached by some very talented engineers who showed me the data on a superior shaft technology. After years of research and development and countless tedious hours of testing and perfecting the Stability shaft was developed.

How long did the process take for original prototypes to going full bore to consumers and where will your emphasis be on the sales side — brick and mortar, online, green grass shops? 

It took the better part of 3 years in R&D and then another 2 years to formally launch. Our focus is fitting retailers.

 What is the main differentiator for the Stability Shaft and what it uniquely does?

For over 50 years the putter shaft has not changed. Over the years, head designs for putters have evolved and gotten dramatically heavier. This has resulted in shafts that are not stable or strong enough to keep these heavier, advanced putter heads from oscillating, twisting and turning.  Specifically, we identified an oscillation that prevents the clubface from returning square. Stability was designed for less dispersion and straighter putts.


Many companies routinely tour their wherewithal to provide customer service. Define the term and explain your approach in doing so? 

All companies make mistakes with their customers. To me, a world class company is defined by how they handle those mistakes. Specifically, does the employee working with the customer go above and beyond the call of duty to make it right. Do they promptly acknowledge the mistake and try to fix the problem. I bought a car a couple of years ago and shortly after purchase I moved 2000 miles away. I had several things go wrong that were clearly the dealers fault.  Since I couldn’t drive my car to the dealer, I  emailed and explained the problem. They immediately acknowledged their mistake and sent me a check based on their estimate to make the repairs. I was blown away by how quickly the diffused the situation and fixed the problem. I’ve told 20 people about my experience since then and I know some have bought cars because of how well they handled my problem.

If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why?

Educate people to play from tees that give them a chance to hit greens in regulation.

All of the major golf organizations — USGA, R&A, PGA TOUR, PGA of America, LPGA — are attempting ways to attract Millennials, women and minorities to the sport. If you were counseling them — what would you suggest be done that can truly impact what has not happened thus far?

Golf is a very challenging sport, the fun for most comes from small victories. I’d get the industry to make my answer to 7 their mantra.

Finish the sentence – Barney Adams is?

A pain but he’s a straight shooter.

Best advice you ever received — what was it and who from? 

Myself. While in college, I had a summer job in a black-sand iron foundry. Horrible place but it paid well. They did not usually hire college students, so I felt very out of place. After a week, I realized there were guys working there smarter than I’ll ever be. I had an epiphany: there were always going to be people smarter than me and it was 100% on me to make something of myself. That memory has been my driving force for many years.


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