Backgrounder —

Short Par 4 is the brainchild of Robert “Bobby” DiMeo. He wanted to offer a way for golfers to get affordable, yet stylish apparel and accessories for less expense and make the process easier. His concept evolved during his tenure at the Caddie Connection but it was Martin Haas, DiMeo’s business partner who brought the financial resources to make Short Par 4 the company it is today. In 2017, Short Par 4 shipped over 250,000 boxes and the company is tracking to at least double that number in 2018.

The DiMeo Story —

I was a senior in high school and knew I wanted to play golf in college. There were players on my high school team that were much better than me going to college to play golf. I had dreams of going to play golf at UNLV and study hotel management. Unfortunately, my golf game was not good enough and therefore lost all desire to go to UNLV.

Fast forward to the end of Senior year and I decided I wanted to go to the San Diego Golf Academy. Better known today as the Golf Academy of America.  After my first year I decided to leave and move to Las Vegas to get into the night club promotions business. After an unfortunate boating accident where one of my closest friends drowned, I decided it was time to go back to golf school and get my degree. It was then, the 2nd time around where my golf game got better, and I started to compete in amateur events. I finished up at the academy and started working with swing coach named Kevin Hayes. Kevin decided to play some events on the Hooters Tour in 2004 and I decided to be his caddie.

We were on the road for 3 months and that when realized how good these guys really were. I left my caddie job and started my own business called Caddie Connection where we were first to market an online caddie booking platform. Caddie Connection was lucrative but also taught me many business lessons that I could not learn in business class.

I moved on from Caddie Connection in 2014 when the idea of Short Par 4 became a reality and here i am today 4 years in and loving every minute of it!

What was the genesis for Short Par 4?

An easier way to get golf apparel with style, fashion, and price in mind.

How long was the time line from initial idea to actual rollout of the program for consumers to participate?

We moved quick.  Idea came in December of 2013 and company launched in April of 2014.

What differentiates Short Par 4 from your competitors?

The quality of product for our price point, as well as our different offerings.  Fairway Box, Executive Box, and Tour Experience Box (Rickie Fowler and Wesley Bryan)

Customer service is routinely mentioned by many companies. Define the term and how your efforts in this area really stand apart from others.

Our CS team is #1 priority at Short Par 4.  We have daily calls with our team, weekly trainings, and bonuses are in place to reward the team for a great job each month.  Not one member is more important than the other.  We need them all and approach our customer service that way.

What kind of input have you received from your association with PGA TOUR players — most notably Rickie Fowler?

The PGA Tour Players like Rickie Fowler and Wesley Bryan have been extremely engaged when it comes to what is coming in the box.  Many new doors have opened and opportunities presented to us since partnering with both players.

Your involvement is now with men ordering — when do you expect to expand to the female side of the gender aisle?

The female box is in the works now.  I am not able to announce the LPGA player partnerships yet but we are very excited about this opportunity.  The women’s game is growing and a great time for Short Par 4 to get into this space.

Biggest pet peeve is?

People don’t like to use the phone anymore.  Too many people wait for email replies versus just picking up the phone and getting an answer immediately.  My biggest pet peeve with Short Par 4 is keyboard warriors then we talk to them on the phone and they are teddy bears.  My biggest pet peeve in golf is the game is getting too slow and more expensive.

If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why?

Public courses free for all juniors under the age of 18.  There are tee times in the afternoon that go wasted and can be used for Junior golf.  Since golf is expensive, less and less juniors are playing the game.

The major golf organizations — USGA, R&A, PGA of America, PGA TOUR, LPGA — are all looking for ways to attract new players — especially Millennials, women and minorities. If you were counseling them — what would you advise they do?

Golf should be cheaper.  Apparel, clubs, balls, courses, are all too expensive and the game as a whole will not grow until its more affordable.  Short Par 4 is attacking this issue and 2019 will be launching and attractive way for Millenials to get golf apparel and accessories.  We hope this attracts more kids to play this wonderful game.

Best advice you ever received — what was it and who from?

From my father – Become an expert at your craft and stick to it.  Being an entrepreneur my mind tends to run wild with ideas, but when I think about what my father has said and done, it helps me to get back on track.  He has been doing the same thing for almost 40 years, people are very quick to run and do something different when things don’t go their way.

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