Bruce Zabriski, a PGA of America member for more than 28 years is a former PGA and European Tour player — recently inducted member of the Met PGA Hall of Fame and a five-time National PGA Club Professional Player of the Year. He is excited in bringing his skill set to The Golf Scoreboard Company team.


Born and raised in Southampton, NY had it’s advantages for a young man like me. Not only the ocean but it was home to 3 terrific golf courses, The National Golf Links, Shinnecock Hills and Southampton Golf Club. All three Clubs had a caddie program which enabled us kids to make money and more importantly to me who’s family were not members of one the Clubs a place to play on Mondays when the Clubs were closed. Southampton Golf Club was the place for me because that is where their Professional Bob Joyce called home.

It was Bob Joyce who took a liking to not only me but all of the young caddies. He gave us free lessons — encouragement and even jobs in the golf operation so we could play weekdays after 3pm. Every day I would see Bob looking and dressing great, he had a beautiful swing and way about him. Hard working and caring and consistency were his traits. You could not ask for a better role model. It was Bob that guided me along and was instrumental in reaching my dreams as a Tour player and later it was Bob that showed me first hand that service to others and being a PGA Club Professional was a honorable profession.

Although I never quite reached a Bob Joyce’s stature, it was because of Bob and who he was that made me try and still try to be the best I can be not only in the golf business but in life.


WCC PictureMATT WARD: Why the need for club / courses to purchase products from The Golf Scoreboard Company?

BRUCE ZABRISKI: Golf Scoreboard Company Scoreboards have a 32 year track record of helping clubs create more excitement, enhance their tournament experience and help give the golf professional garner even more of a positive professional image. Our products are made of the finest materials — time tested and come with a 15 year warranty.

MW: Just who is buying the product(s) now?

BZ: The business for most is seasonal. Right now we are concentrating on Southern belt clubs — helping get them ready for the season. First of the year we start focusing on the northern tier. We still do quite a few sales that don’t fit that pattern. A system is being delivered in Boston next week which breaks the trend but happens quite often.

MW: Approximately what is the percentage of your users between private, resort and daily fee courses?

BZ: Approximately 2000 boards have been sold since 1984 and because of our different products and custom installations the percentage of use is equal between private, daily and resort clubs.

MW: Approximately what is the percentage of users domestically here in the USA and internationally?

BZ: About 85% of sales here in the USA but we do see an increase recently in Canada and Mexico. We recently had boards shipped to Stuggart Germany. Exhibiting last year at the PGA merchandise show has helped grow our international sales.

Wall MasterMW: What is the best seller among the various products you create / provide for golf courses / clubs?

BZ: Our ceramic surface scoreboards either on trolleys or permanently mounted are very popular. The ceramic service can be written on with permanent pen that won’t smudge and can be easily removed with our cleaning fluid. Our new Brzoska Signature board is a very traditional easel board and has become a big seller.

MW: How did the relationship with Augusta National Golf Club begin?

BZ: It was in the mids 90”s that Dave Spencer, then Head Professional at Augusta National, heard about one of our products — the WheelMaster from a member of Augusta who noticed the Score Board at another club where he was also a member. Dave reached out to George Zeeman and Augusta National purchased a Wheelmaster. The WheelMaster Scoring system today is just as popular and long lasting as the system Augusta National owns. On our web site the picture of “Bevo” George’s beloved dog was photographed in front of the Augusta National Club House when George delivered the Board.

MW: For those clubs / courses with a smaller budget — what options are there for product purchase?

BZ: One of our slogans “ If it’s important to you and your operation to have our scoreboard system it’s important to us and we will do all we can to help. Our Plan 1, is designed for public golf courses. The management of the club introduces us to their partners, Coke, Pepsi, local car dealers etc. We meet with them sell the advertising space on the bottom of the board and then we provide the boards for free to the club. Our Plan 2, is exactly the same but for private clubs. Instead of selling business partners we craft a letter to the general membership of the club and instead of advertisement signs we present the club with a bronze plaque with the members name who participated in the fund drive to pay for the scoreboards.

MW: One of the crucial items for growing companies is the time / effort placed in customer service. Define what customer service means to The Golf Scoreboard Company?

BZ: The Golf Scoreboard Company, LLC has been in business since 1984. Our founder George Zeeman created a culture and reputation of going above and beyond to do what ever needs to be done to provide excellent service. Now with me on board I am building on the great reputation George earned and using my PGA background and understanding of the golf professionals needs, expectations and preferences to continue to make strides in excellent service.

MW: How is customer feedback handled and acted upon?

BZ: We look for and welcome feedback. Our customers precise needs are what is most important to us. We have a custom department able to customize any format, logo, size, color for each customers specific needs.

MW: What is the outlook for future company growth given golf’s lagging participation numbers?

BZ: Our Slogan: “Let The Golf Scoreboard Company, LLC help you — create more excitement — enhance your club’s tournament experience. Give your events an even more professional image. One of the things we’re trying to do is spread the word that our scoreboards are there to help grow the game, build excitement and add rounds. A scoring area done properly can become a central meeting spot for information, results, discounts, and with scores posted a place for peer review. I saw first hand what The Golf Scoreboard Company’s scoreboard did for Westchester Country Club in growing enjoyment and fun and that sold me on the importance of a club having a first class scoring area.

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