Greenbrier Golf Club & Resort

Bob is a living legend in the state of West Virginia for several reasons. Born and raised there, Bob Pruett returned home to coach the Thunder Herd of Marshall University and take them to a national championship in his first year in 1996.  For 10 years, Marshall won 100 games to gain national prominence and give redemption to the football program after the tragic plane crash in 1970 that killed the entire team and coaches.

Coach Pruett is now retired and has become good friends with Jim Justice, governor and owner of the Greenbrier Resort. Both Bob and Jim have successful backgrounds and the ability to overcome tragedy like the flooding of the Greenbrier the week before last years PGA Tour event.

“We had a 100 year flood, the perfect storm with 11 inches of rain in a week,” Bob explained.  “Jim Justice and his staff rebuilt the entire course and opened the doors to the homeless.  Not many people could have come back from  millions of dollars of damage but Jim and the Greenbrier staff did a wonderful job.”

Coach Pruett and Jim Justice also have a love for Marshall University. Bob played collegially in football, while Jim Justice was captain of the golf team. “When Jim asked me to help out with  his election, I did all I could as Jim and I became friends watching his daughter Jill play basketball for Marshall.”

“The Greenbrier Resort is our shinning star (in West Virginia) as it shows off our beautiful state and great place to live and work,” Coach explains.  “When I graduated from Marshall in 1965, my dream was to come back and  be the head football coach at Marshall.  It took a while but my family and my sweet Elsie hung in there and helped me live my dream.  My wife Elsie is a great lady and partner for over 50 years.”

Bob Pruett loves playing golf and supports many charity golf events like the Coaches Tournament for the Monestary of Poor Clares in Memphis for the past 25 years.  “My golfing hero’s were Arnold Palmer who I met while coaching at Wake Forest and Sam Snead was a huge Marshall fan so my golfing hero is hard to pick.”

“My dad taught me to work hard and don’t give up.  When you are on the golf course, you can get away from work but you have to stay focused to compete.”  A 15-handicap, Bob is everyone’s choice for a partner as he  can turn up the heat when the pressure is on.

Bob knew several of the players and coaches on the plane that November night and “I love Marshall and all it stands for,” Coach says.  “I took a pay cut and chose Marshall over Richmond and U of Virginia to coach my alma mater and the rest is history.”

Coach Bob Pruett just wants to help people, the state of West Virginia and  Marshall University be the best it can be.  If you ever get the opportunity of playing golf with Bob Pruett,  you will agree he is a fine gentleman and competitor who still loves to win.  And the Greenbrier Resort is  a must bucket list golf destination.