Frogger Golf Brand 


Founded in Northern California in 2007 and based in Bend, OR, by entrepreneur Jeremiah Bohannon, who today remains as CEO for the popular golf accessories brand.  Bohannon’s mission for the Frogger brand is one that combines innovation with fun, enabling golfers of all playing levels to enhance overall performance and enjoyment of the game.  Today, Frogger Golf has become firmly established as the leader in innovative accessories in the golf industry — backed by revolutionary products such as the Amphibian Towel — Brush-Pro golf brush and the new Latch-It Ecosystem of products, featuring Magnetic Fastening Technology.


I recall in my early youth when I started playing golf the need for owning and using a golf brush on my bag.  I wasn’t obsessed with the need for clean clubs other than my father bestowing upon me the importance of what clean clubs and grooves mean to a good golf shot.

Golf towels are decent at cleaning club faces but they just didn’t seem to get the grooves clean so the five dollar brush with brass bristles on one side and nylon on the other was always attached to my bag.  The brush itself did a much better job cleaning grooves but I couldn’t help but think of what a pain it was to actually use.

First off, I’m a tall golfer now standing 6’ 6” tall.  Even when I was a tall kid, I hated having to bend down to my bag and rub the club face back and forth on the brush since it was so closely affixed to the bag.  After a while, the brass bristles would fray out and sometimes poke a finger and induce a droplets of blood.  Other times, I would be trying to pull frayed brass bristles away from attacking my looped cotton towels to no avail.

Frogger Golf

Frogger BrushPro Golf Brush

As a kid, I was confident someone would build a better golf brush.  Twenty years later, it dawned on me no one had made any significant innovations on the golf brush I used as a kid.  Given I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my commercial real estate career, I set out to build a better golf brush and that was over ten years ago.

The thought no one was innovating all that much in golf accessories seemed like a good opportunity in the game I love most.  The same thoughts about making a better golf brush to enhance performance and enjoyment are what still drives my passion to innovate today.

Q&A With Matt Ward and Jeremiah Bohannon

MATT WARD: What was the genesis in creating Frogger? 

JEREMIAH BOHANNON: I love the game of golf and believed there was an innovation void in the accessory market. Thus, I set out to create a brand  backed by a reputation for quality, while portraying a fun, approachable and “cheeky” attitude with a look that stands out amongst the competition. I think products like Amphibian Towel helped us accomplish achieve our objective.

MW: How was the name for the company chosen?  

JB: The Frogger name is based on a certain video game that consumed much of my attention as a youth.

MW: What separates Frogger from other competitors in the category? 

JB: Our products answer a need among golfers of all levels for innovative, attractive, but easy access accessory products, like towels and brushes that have become part of their equipment arsenal on the course.

MW: Is there a particular product that elevated the stature of Frogger in its early days of operation? 

JB: Our BrushPro gave us the start that we needed, it showed a higher quality product than what was on the market was extremely valuable to consumers. After the BrushPro, the Amphibian Towel became the face of Frogger and today it is regarded as one of the finest performance towels in the game.

Frogger Golf

Amphibian Ball Towel

MW: You’ve been coming to the PGA Merchandise Show for a number of years — is there a new product you are bringing forward for the ’17 season — what makes it so compelling for golfers to buy? 

JB: We launched the Latch-It Ecosystem voted the 2017 PGA Show’s “Best New Product”!  It is a first of its kind solution to provide golfers with secure and easy access to their gear.  The Latch-It Ecosystem is powered by Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology. Latch-It products allow golfers to instantly fasten, detach and reconnect their important devices and favorite accessories – rangefinder, smart phone, towel or brush – anywhere on the course.

Frogger Golf

Range Finder Latch-It (Photo by: PGA Merchandise)

MW: Describe your core customer?

JB: Golfers who use accessory products, like a towel or brush, to enhance the performance of their equipment and prepare them to hit a shot with maximum confidence.

MW: Customer service is a term companies are quick to say is important in what they do. Define the term and how Frogger puts that into motion?

JB: We speak to our customers in real-time, especially in an age of social media. If there is a question, concern or comment, we want to hear from our customers and engage them in a conversation as quickly as possible. It’s simple, the customer drives the brand.

MW: If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why? 

AJB: All golf bags would have Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology integrated into them like Frogger Golf bags do.

Frogger Golf

Frogger Golf Bag with Catch Latch Technology

MW: Best advice received — what was it and who from?

Golf Advice:  “Have the confidence you will make it coming back,” —  My father David E. Bohannon on putting  Best overall advice — Don’t look back on your life and say “Shoulda, woulda, coulda.” – Alden Mills.

MW: What’s the biggest challenge facing Frogger — short and long term? 

Short term — new product awareness. Long term — ensure golfers around the world know Frogger exists to develop innovative golf accessories — enhancing performance and enjoyment for those who don’t have caddies on our bag.