Putting Paisley women and juniors Little black dress

Lower your fashion handicap with GolfHER, a new company debuting fun, fashionable and functional golf apparel. Sarah Schultz, designer and owner, grew up playing junior competitive golf.  She decided to launch the brand because she could never find an outfit to play in, she was forced to wear unflattering khakis with shirts that don’t match, so she realized there was a huge need for really cute junior golf apparel.  “I wanted to stay true to my dream of creating a brand which celebrates the highly important future of golf, junior players,” says Schultz.

Schultz’s competitive golfer side reflects in the functionality of GolfHER apparel.  Golfers need to have the right length for their shirts especially when swinging and skorts cut to feel comfortable. Matching is so important too. Patterns and designs were inspired by women in the game of golf, one especially empowering design is the GolfHER logo of a woman swinging.  The clothing includes functional pockets for tees, fabrics consisting of wicking components and SPF protection.

“For our initial collection that is an incredible start out of the gate,” Schultz . The whole Spring/Summer 2013 line is available in 12 states to view at www.golfhergirl.com. With cute names like The Links, Fairway Flowers, Tee time, a Perfect Round and Birdie Babe, it’s no wonder why they are so popular.

GolfHER lowers fashion handicaps with matching designs make it easy to dress for golf and nice enough to wear off the course too an example of how . Schultz wants consumer feedback to create apparel her fans are truly looking for.  The LBD, little black dress, is a true example of this. Buyers mentioned wanting a dress so she created one that fulfilled their needs. It has a collar, pockets and comfortable under shorts. GolfHER is built with the customer in mind so if they request a certain color, design, or trend she will do her absolute best to make it come to life.

Birdie Babe- Women and junior sizing tee