Frank Mingone: Who introduced you to the game of golf and how did you fall in love with it?
Billy Winter: My grandfather introduced me to the game when I was 7.  I fell in love with the idea that if you played good or bad, it was all on you.  No one else was to blame for a bad outing but yourself.

FM: Did teaching come naturally to you?
BW: I believe it somewhat did.  I have always been one that has wanted to help people.  Coupling this with my love for the game, and I have a profession that I truly love!

FM: What makes The Greenbrier Faldo Golf Center different from the rest?
BW: What separates us from the rest is our world class instruction, level of service and commitment to our students.  The facilities and resources that we have at the Faldo Golf Center at The Greenbrier are unparalled.

FM: What do you think is the most important part of the game(driving,chipping, or putting)?
BW: Putting for sure, as it makes up such a large percentage of our strokes but driving as well.  In today’s game you need to put it in the fairway and it needs to be put out there quite a ways!

FM: Who has the best swing on tour?
BW: In my opinion the most aesthetically pleasing and everything needing to be where it should, would be Trevor Immelman.  With that being said, we really haven’t heard too much from him since his Masters win. Proving it’s not how your swing may look but how efficient it can be.  Most efficient swing – Adam Scott

FM: If you were to seek out one player to work with, who would it be?
BW: Tiger Woods.  Growing up in high school golf while he was coming of age has always made him my favorite.

FM: What is your best memory at the Greenbrier?
BW: Spending and hour and a half with Tom Watson at the Golf Academy.  It was just him and I and a gentleman that was teaching for me at the time.  We hit balls and dicussed the golf swing while he shared stories of Jack, Snead and Hogan. By far my best memory in golf!!

FM: Why should our readers come to the Greenbrier?
BW: It is unlike anything in the northeast.  It has this sweet, southern charm. Once you pull through the gates there is just something about it that can’t be understood unless you’ve been here.  From our 5 star service to our 3 championship courses to over 50 ammenities to choose from, we have all to offer for every type of guest.

FM: Can you name a couple of your favorite courses in New England?
BW: Growing up in the Berkshires I would have to say Taconic Golf Club is a favorite of mine.  Also, The Orchards is another favorite.

FM: Drink of choice, beer, vodka, scotch?
BW: A cold Sam Adams 🙂