An Interview with Brett Quigley Friday, September 4, 2009

NEGM: How do you like TPC Boston?

Brett: They have made a lot of changes over the years but I feel they have it right now, it’s a great facility and this week’s weather could not have been better.

NEGM: You went from the outhouse to the penthouse to the outhouse today…

Brett: I was playing pretty nice but just not getting much out of it, hitting the ball well and just not scoring today. It’s part of golf; at least I finished under par today and have given myself a chance to move up tomorrow.

NEGM:  Congratulations, you have had a great year, you were our Team New England player of the month in April and as we wind down the season you are our odds on favorite as Team New England Player of the Year. Three-second place finishes on the PGA Tour in one year is something a lot of players would like to achieve.

Brett:  Yes, that’s great, and certainly for the amount of time I’ve been out here it is something to be proud of, but like I said, I had some good weeks this year and it’s been pretty close.

NEGM:  What a great job, out there every day on the tour.  There are so many things that affect your score, one shot can be very big. Today you struggled with your short game a little in the middle of your round.

Brett: Oh yes, it’s the momentum: you know I three putted #8 and three putted for a bogey on 9 so you feel like your momentum is gone, but then hit two great shots on 18, made the eagle, and finished under par. Devon was telling me the whole time just hang in there and it paid off.

NEGM: What did you hit into #18?  What a great shot!

Brett: I had like 225 to 230 and it was a perfect 7 wood for me.  It was great to finish it off and make the eagle.

NEGM: Brett, do you have a place here in New England that you still call home?

Brett: Yes, we have place in Warren, R.I. just a few minutes from where I grew up in Barrington, R.I.

NEGM: Do you usually spend your summers here and when do you head back to your home in Florida?

Brett: We are here most summers and head back the beginning of October each year.

NEGM: It’s been a great year your game has been solid all year, I am not sure if you could have done more.

Brett: I could win…(Laughter from the entire group)

NEGM: Well that would work.  Good luck with the rest of the year.

Brett: Thank You Tim & Elle.  I appreciate it so much.