JV headshotcasualJocelyn Vigreux has been President of TomTom, Inc. since its founding in 2002 and is the company’s first US based employee. His career at TomTom includes leading the company to the number two position in the US and establishing TomTom’s second largest subsidiary, TomTom India. Received his BA in Marketing and International Trade from the Lincoln International Business School in Paris and also attended the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in the Fall of 2015.

One thing I have learned in my career is that breaking into the sports/fitness world as a professional can be difficult and often unplanned.

When I became the President of TomTom Inc. in 2002, we were a company providing Portable Navigation Devices to the public. At that time, I don’t think any of us thought we would eventually be a player in the sports and fitness gear industry, but here we are.

As the years went on and technology evolved, PND’s were found in cars and cell phones, so we realized we needed to evolve as well.

What we had to our advantage was our elite product innovation and our extensive GPS technology. I myself am a fitness enthusiast and we realized the potential impact we could have on the wearable technology industry and after brokering a partnership with Nike, we were on the fast track to providing the masses with some really innovative and technically-sound products.

We now have a slew of award-winning watches that can do everything from monitor your heart-rate to calculate the distance of your tee-shot and everything in between – and we’re very proud of that.



Product 3MATT WARD: What separates TomTom from your competitors?

JOCELYN VIGREUX: With the Golfer 2, the player gets next-level statistical analysis about their performance on the course and with the compatibility with the MySports app, using these features is very user-friendly. These features include automatic shot detection, shot history, shot patterns and can also give the player a glimpse of what their ultimate round would look like.


MW: TomTom was at this year’s PGA Show in Orlando — how would you gauge the mood of those attending and how do you see the year ahead in consumer spending within golf?

JV: We are very excited with our continuing product innovation and look forward to sharing even more with consumers in the coming year.


MW: How do you solicit customer feedback?

JV: Customer feedback is very important to us – We continuously monitor different platforms that our consumers use to let us know what they think of our products including review sites, traditional and social media and direct customer interactions.


MW: How is customer feedback incorporated into future product design?

JV: Customer feedback plays a huge role in future product design and capabilities. TomTom products have always been built on useful features that enrich people’s lives.


MW: At what point do you see navigation instruments being permitted in competitions such as the US Open, PGA and LPGA Tour events?

JV: The USGA is constantly looking into new ways to incorporate technology into the sport as the sport evolves, and we are proud to create products that can assist in that.


MW: From a sales perspective — provide a rough percentage of your focus in green grass shops, online and retail outlets? 

Lifestyle 4JV: Currently our sales are mainly in the retail/online space with a breakdown of 10% green grass, 60% retail and 30% online. With that, we definitely see things trending to a more digital landscape which will play a big role in our future development.


MW: What future trends do you see happening with golf navigation products?

JV: It’s undeniable that the Golfer 2 is helping golfers understand their game more. Further technology advancements are helping golfers improve their game every round.


MW: Best advice you ever got — who from and how meaningful to your role at TomTom?

JV: Never underestimate the power of consumers.  Understand them and you will understand what will bring success to your business. At TomTom, we take every step to hear, understand and execute our customers’ feedback and in doing this — insure our success in their eyes.