Mr. Price is an experienced entrepreneur and product developer in the MD/DC/VA region who has worked with numerous companies, inventors and technology startups both as a principal and consultant to successfully introduce new products and technologies into the commercial marketplace. He has been primarily focused on venture companies driven by truly innovative physical products since receiving his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 1989. He holds several of his own patents and has been named as inventor or contributed on dozens of other client related projects over his professional career.

In addition, he has extensive sports product design experience developing new lacrosse sticks and padding, field hockey sticks, magnetic faced golf putters, synthetic baseball gloves, ice hockey shin guards, basketball return system and a head position sensor device for baseball and golf.


Having grown up in a family with four boys and participating on sports teams every season, including summer travel teams, throughout my entire childhood, I learned to appreciate both healthy sports competition and excellent sports equipment.

As a product designer and entrepreneur I tend to look at existing products and ask both why and why not? One day while watching golf on the television, I wondered why golfers are constantly removing their glove when approaching the green? The answer, in a word, is “touch”. So why not design a golf glove that mirrors natural touch?

I began to explore how to design a new sports grip glove that literally placed the most sensitive nerve regions of the hand on the sports object being held — like a golf club — retaining tactile sensitivity and utilizing hi-tech materials for increasing overall handgrip.

The biggest challenge was finding the optimal balance of natural touch and hi-tech grip. One Mokom Golf Glove has 138 precision laser cut round holes of various sizes on three black fabric patterned sections, as well as two soft white Cabretta leather patterns that serve to anchor the stretchable material for a proper snug fit, a durable black leather palm pad and a super comfortable narrow elastic wrist band with back of hand adjustable velcro closure.

It turns out that the size, shape and location of the laser cut holes all made a significant difference in helping us meet our four main design parameters:

1. Increase Overall Handgrip

2. Retain Tactile Sensitivity

3. Maximize Air Ventilation

4. Maintain Manual Dexterity.

I was able to develop a premium golf grip glove that maximizes natural touch for use from tee to green. Now that my competitive team sports playing days are over, I look forward to more weekends on the golf course with my family and friends, and less removal and donning of my own Mokom Golf Gloves – and most importantly, lower scores.


You wake up in the morning – what’s the driving passion that keeps you moving forward?

Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed creating new things – inventing. Often I visualize in three dimensions unusual approaches to new products I am working on in my dreams at night and wake up trying to test them out.

How long has the process been – from idea conception to product creation for the Mokom Gloves?

I am a little embarrassed to say that my first patent on a glove was filed in 2005. I put aside the glove project for other endeavors. About three years ago, more viable hi-tech materials became available on the market. I began working again with different glove manufacturers to design various new configurations and conduct field testing for a better laser cut, sewn version of a sports grip glove. This past year we optimized the design of the golf glove and its premium packaging, vetted the manufacturing and assembly processes, and filed more patent and trademarks. We are now excited to officially launch Mokom Gloves at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show.

How was the product name determined?

The trademarked name “mokom” is a fictitious palindrome – defined as a word that reads the same backward as forward — or as we prefer, balanced. Given the true differentiator from our golf glove versus all others is the large intentional holes, we also felt it was logical to have multiple circles (“o”) in the name as well. Inside the packaging one will also find “bare essentials” — another way to express how we fell about our innovative mokom gloves.

How does Mokom Gloves differentiate itself from others in the category?

Mokom Golf Gloves are the only premium golf gloves on the market that place one’s own sensitive skin on the club for a direct connection from the nerves in the hand to the brain for maximum natural touch and control. Furthermore, utilizing a strategically located laser cut hole pattern and unique hi-tech materials Mokom Golf Gloves are able to increase handgrip in all weather conditions, prevent dry-rotting, maximize air ventilation, and maintain manual dexterity all in a terrific fitting, super comfortable glove.

If someone is interested in your product will they be able to access it through major retail outlets, green grass shops or online?

Mokom Golf Gloves are currently available on our website: www.mokomgloves.com. We expect golfers to be able to purchase them in both retail outlets and green grass shops later this year.

Your suggested retail price is nearly $35 – do you see that price point as a possible deterrent given what other gloves in the marketplace are charging?

No. In the premium golf glove category, where feel is most valued, there are several other gloves in the $25-$35 price range, and even a few in $40-$50 price range. Mokom Golf Gloves are competitively priced premium gloves offered at $34.99 for 1 or $59.99 for 2. Mokom Golf Gloves are the only golf gloves that do not disrupt the neural pathway with material between the hand and the club to ensure maximum natural touch. The product is specifically created for discerning golfers dedicated to improving their game with a combination of their own natural skills and premium equipment.

Many companies feature product endorsement from key professional golfers. What role will product endorsements have with your efforts.

Product endorsements are not something that we have budgeted for in the early stages of the product launch, however, we are certainly open to other forms of endorsement from professional golfers when the timing makes more sense. We are confident that after a playing a round with Mokom Golf Gloves and feeling the real difference, the product will stand on its own merits.

Plenty of companies speak about the importance of customer service. Define the term and how you plan on going about doing it?

Mokom Gloves certainly appreciates the importance of excellent customer service to its products success. We believe that requires great communications with our retailers and customers. We already have a dedicated person responsible for interactions with both new and existing retailers on an ongoing daily basis. In addition, our online orders are being shipped for fast delivery and follow up confirmation. Customers have multiple methods to contact us immediately should any unforeseen issue arise in their Mokom Gloves order.

How will you go about getting customer feedback and what role will it play in any future product efforts?

Mokom Gloves uses its website’s CRM software platform and other anonymous online surveys for feedback and potential ideas for incorporation into future product offerings. We have already incorporated much of their feedback. Later we plan to use their recommendations about other available sizes, future market timing and glove offerings for women too.

Best advice you ever received – what was it and who from?

The best advice I received was from a TED talk speaker discussing the creative design process who suggested visually jamming all the information you can find on a subject into it your head at one time, and then sleep on it before starting fresh in the morning – overnight the mind effortlessly does a lot of the creative work for you.