Growing up in Detroit in the ’60’s was an exciting time. There was the burgeoning auto industry, great art museums and a new sound in music. All these things influenced me. I loved watching old movies, variety shows and the stars of Motown like Diana Ross and the Supremes and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. I imagined dressing them on stage and dressing movie stars on the red carpet.

My career in design has given me the opportunity to realize this dream and dress a coterie of celebrities to include Sharon Stone, Felicity Huffman, Vanessa Williams, Tina Fey and Allison Janey.

At lunch in Carmel, CA with a group of clients, I mentioned I was considering developing a golf collection. At that moment that all leaned in and expressed what they believed was missing in women’s golf apparel. They confirmed that there had not been anything new and exciting in the category for decades. I have taken my years of dressing some of the most beautiful women in the world and developed a collection that makes every woman who wears it feel beautiful. However, it’s more than style. The collection takes into consideration all the components that make a great golf collection. The fabrics are moisture wicking, UV protected and easy care. Our prints are developed from original artwork and printed on the finest poly spandex. I believe it will change how women dress on and off the course.

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Matt Ward: What make you get interested in being involved in golf apparel for women?

Kevan Hall: After designing couture for decades, a client and friend — Beth DePass pointed out the lack of stylish choices in women’s golf apparel. She then suggested that we develop a line that would incorporate the same great style and fit that I am know for in my couture and ready-to-wear collections. After doing a bit of research we decided to launch Kevan Hall Sport.

MW: In your mind — what’s been wrong with women’s golf apparel?

KH: The fit was loose, boxy and without a feminine touch. Most styles looked like menswear for women in poor color choices and unsophisticated prints.

MW: Describe the Kevan Hall customer?

KH: The Kevan Hall customer is a woman with an innate sense of style. She enjoys an active lifestyle, spends quality time with friends, sports, working, traveling and she always wants to look her best — even on the golf course.

MW: How do you elicit feedback from customers?

KH: We get a lot of great feedback when we do trunk shows at the various country clubs and golf retailers. The ladies are happy to share their experiences while wearing Kevan Hall Sport on the course.

MW: What role does such feedback play in your future design efforts?

KH: We take the feedback seriously. We found that clients only want to offer an opinion to help us improve the product. It’s valuable information we carefully consider as we develop future collections. 

MW: Your existing line is for women. Are there future plans to design a clothing line for men?

KH: Currently, there are no plans for a menswear collection. We are focusing on our women’s collection which is the industry is seeing the most significant growth.

MW: Given your eye for detail and quality — what is the number one mistake people make in selecting clothes?

KH: Be it work or sport clothes – the number one mistake people make is wearing clothes that don’t fit well. In an era of relaxed fashion – it doesn’t mean that sloppy is okay.

MW: how do women and men approach the subject of clothes and what works best for them?

KH: Women are looking for attractive clothes that make them feel beautiful – while men are looking for practicality and comfort.

MW: Do you have any plans to sign LPGA tour players to wear your clothing line? Related to that – do endorsements matter much to consumers?

KH: We would love to sign a LPGA player. Right now it’s about building relationships with young players and having them wear the clothes as they rise through the ranks. I think endorsements do matter. We live in a world of people-watchers and everyone is looking for the greatest and the latest thing.

MW: What sort of trends do you see happening in leisure wear — specifically in the golf market?

KH: Kevan Hall Sport is ahead of the leisure trend. Our collection transitions seamlessly from the greens to the clubhouse and beyond. It’s really more than a golf collection — it’s a lifestyle brand — from the runway to the fairway.