My mother tells me that from a young age I gravitated toward the most colorful items I could get my hands on to wear. She was a seamstress and made many of my clothes by hand after letting me choose my own fabrics.  My father was a golfer and taught me the delicate art of golf etiquette and to play fast. Bright clothes, a love of golf, and a 20-year career in Silicon Valley high tech telecom equipment companies where business golf was a key to international sales, all conspired together to put me in a position to get deeply involved with Loudmouth.

Given my penchant for colorful attire, it was easy to find bright floral golf shirts, but hard to locate wild pants. So I began frequenting a shop in Oakland that catered to lavishly clad pimps. Yes, I had pimp pants made for me and my golf partners and played in a variety of tournaments watching wild pants evoke a significantly stronger reaction than just fancy shirts.  In 2003 someone suggested I look at Loudmouthgolf.com and I was immediately hooked. Woody had a small inventory in those early days and when I ordered new pants I invariably got “the call” from Woody saying, “I don’t have your size in that particular pattern, but I have it in this one!” This sequence of events replayed itself several times until in between 2003-2006 so I invited Woody to play golf and discuss his business, or lack thereof.

On the front 9 we discussed the problems he was having, many of which I had experienced from the customer side. On the back 9 we discussed potential solutions and in the 19th hole we outlined a deal that made us business partners with me working as an active investor. As the business rapidly grew, I became the CEO.

LJ-Crakuntitled-1538Matt Ward: How was Loudmouth selected as the company name ?
Larry Jackson: It actually comes from a line in the movie “Dumb and Dumber” where Harry (Jeff Daniels) says to Lloyd (Jim Carrey) “Let’s go get a couple of bowls of Loudmouth soup.” He’s referring to having a couple of martini’s and they are wearing spectacular orange and powder blue suits in the party scene.

MW: The apparel area is a fiercely competitive environment — what makes you believe you can succeed when so many others have failed ?
LJ: Loudmouth products are so unique that we currently have very little competition. Loudmouth is willing to go farther “out there” to satisfy our fans requirement for fantastic colors more than any other company in the apparel industry. We continue to grow rapidly so there is a very clear public appeal. We offer a unique product that gives an experience like no other product on the market.

MW: Where are the products produced?
LJ: US, South America, Europe & Asia. Our products vary widely and we look for Best in Breed manufacturing and licensing partners.

MW: In building your sales what specific area are you succeeding with now — online sales, green grass shops, retail stores?
LJ: Online sales accounts for about 50% of our revenue currently.  All portions and geographies in the Loudmouth business portfolio are growing and International sales outside the continental US is one of the fastest growing revenue streams. We are offered in over 1,000 retails outlets worldwide.

MW: A number of companies have professional golfer endorsements when competing on tour. Have you opted to go in that direction?
LJ: We dress two time major winner, John Daly, several LPGA players and amateurs. We also dress Olympians, a professional dart player, a world class poker player, bowlers, rockstars, sports announcers, actors, and many other celebrities and athletes in the public eye.

MW: Describe the typical profile of someone buying Loudmouth apparel?
LJ: Someone who wants to look good and feel good on and off the course. Someone who wants to stand out and have some fun!

MW: How do you select the various themes for your pants?
LJ: Woody – our founder and designer – is inspired by everything he sees in the world. He is always thinking to himself, “how would that look on a pair of pants?”

MW: Are there certain areas of the USA where Loudmouth does especially well?
LJ: Loudmouth is very popular all over the US. Some key states including California, Florida, Arizona and Texas. These are all places where you can golf year round. Another interesting area that we do exceptionally well in during the summer is Minnesota, And when we looked at that sales phenomenon we came across the interesting fact that there are more golf courses per capita in Minnesota than any other state in the union so it makes sense.

MW: Do you wear the products yourself?
LJ: Duh.

MW: What’s been the reaction from your golf buddies?
LJ: They always want to see what is coming next.  We always have fun on and off the course in our Loudmouth. It’s the Loudmouth way – the most fun you can have with your pants on !