Nick Bradley, originally from London, has lived in the US since 2005 and has instructed winners on every major professional tour in the world. Nick’s work with Justin Rose firmly placed him on the world map of golf instruction taking Justin from World number 125 to 5. Recruited by Captain Paul McGinley as the key motivational and inspirational director of the successful 2014 Ryder Cup Team. Nick is also a two-time bestselling author with his 7 Laws of the Golf Swing and Kinetic Golf.


I started golf at the age of 16 and got down to a scratch handicap in two years. At the age of 19 I instructed my first tournament playing professional leading to an approach by The David Leadbetter Academies to work for them at Lake Nona in Florida. After three years of working with Leadbetter, I returned to Europe and started my own elite player consulting business which produced 7 national amateur champions, winners on every major professionals tour, the best player in Europe and Ryder Cup consultations. I also contributed for every major golf publication. I am now directing The Kingdom at Reynolds Lakes Oconee.


Nick Bradley and Paul McGinley


What excites you about teaching?

Using my intellectual property, experience and communication skills to make a difference to the student.

When a golfer is contemplating taking lessons what are the most important elements to consider when selecting someone?

Reputation and results. Communication style and the ability to address specific issues the student may be experiencing.

What’s the biggest common mistake many students make when taking lessons?

Pacing themselves. Change takes a little time but with an experienced instructor a timeline of events can be created. Secondly, amateur students are often too hard on themselves.

When does a student / teacher relationship begin to fall apart and what can be learned from such situations?

It can fall apart when to plan for the future is created and lessons just idol along. The focus of the teacher moves from customer needs to over familiarization with the student. The value proposition no longer exists. The lesson here is re-inventing the relationship periodically.

Single most overused teaching axiom that serves only to confuse students is what?

Swing slowly.

Define Nick Bradley’s teaching philosophy.

Taking a horizon of knowledge learned through teaching the best players in the world and applying them to specific challenges and unique individuals.

Nick Bradley

Nick is also a two-time bestselling author with his 7 Laws of the Golf Swing and Kenetic Golf

As a teacher and student of the game — what’s your take on Tiger Woods and whether his return to professional golf can mean a re-emergence to the winner’s circle — both regular Tour wins and major championships?

His return is very welcome. TV viewership rises considerably. Tiger will definitely win again on the regular tour – his coach-less approach, which is working a treat is starting a new trend on tour. Amateurs should not follow this advise however since 100% of the game is first physical and the other 100% of the game is mental. Tiger is unique. It’s great to have him back.

You can change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing in golf unilaterally it would be the volume of bad instruction taking by unwitting amateur golfers. There is a precious time period between taking the game up and gaining competency in which if progress is not seen by the beginner they will give up. There is no ranking system for professional teachers yet. But there will be.

Best advice you ever received — what was it and who from?

See the truth for what it is, in all things — Professor Harry Wallace.

If you were advising someone interested in teaching golf — what would you say to them?

Learn, make mistakes. Learn, make mistakes. Learn, make mistakes. Apply.Soak up relevant experiences and snatch opportunities.