The McClintock Story —
Playing the game since age seven, golf has always been a way of life for Nick McClintock. At a young age, he learned that the sport not only requires immense skill but also builds strong character. From his experience working at golf courses and shops, to playing college golf and becoming a qualifying athlete, golf is and always will be a way of life. McClintock’s professional career and knowledge helped propel him to becoming a key component to Vessel’s team by providing insight in product development, sales and green grass activation.

“I always wanted to live in Southern California and Vessel was an opportunity to make that a reality. I am able to talk with people who share the same passion, learn about new products and build relationships around the world. Golf is a game of honesty and integrity, which helped shape me into the person I am today.”


What differentiates Vessel from your competition?
From our high quality materials to our minimalistic branding, we are everything that embodies performance luxury. Every bag offered can be customized, enabling each customer to have the option of owning a unique bag​ including our stock options.

How would Vessel describe the golf marketplace in ’18?​​
Since Vessel had started in the tour space we’ve experienced consistent growth. As the industry and the economy begins to pick back up, we predict that our sales will continue to increase.

Describe the Vessel customer?
Since we offer both travel and golf bags, our customers come to Vessel with a purpose. They are looking for a high quality bag that will do more than just take them from point A to point B. Our customers want to know that they are receiving more than just a great bag.

Plenty of companies tout the importance of customer service. Define the term and the approach taken by Vessel.
Vessel is all about creating a one of a kind white glove experience. From the beginning stages of design to the conception of the bag, we keep our customers involved every step of the way. We are devoted to creating superior products and customer experiences.

The key design elements that separate Vessel from your competitors in the golf bag arena is what?
Vessel’s identity is made up of the highest quality materials, minimal branding, clean lines and functionality. We like our products to speak for themselves.

From a marketing perspective — where does Vessel gain the most traction? Is it green grass shops, retail or online sales?
Vessel has always had a strong presence online, considering that is how we got started. Over the past year we have gained traction in other avenues establishing rapport and becoming more popular by the day. We have over 100 tour players using a Vessel bag now and continue to watch that number grow as more people find out about the leading custom tour bag on the market.

What’s the biggest challenge — short and long term for Vessel?
The short term would be staying true to our identity. We have so many opportunities popping up everyday to partner with companies and organizations. I think it is important not to be everything for everyone, and continue to strive to make the best products possible without compromising our vision. In the long term, we plan to grow our recognition in the lifestyle space and gain the same popularity we have in golf.

How important is it for Vessel regarding professional golfer endorsements?
Vessel doesn’t have any professional golfer endorsements at the moment, but it’s great to see high profile professional athletes trust us with their equipment.

If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally what would it be and why?
I wouldn’t change a thing.

Best advice you ever received — what was it and who from?
Freshman year in college my golf coach gave me some advice that has stuck with me. I hit my tee shot right in the trees and had a small window that I could shoot for to make the green in regulation. He cruised up just in time and told me KISS, I had no idea what he was talking about? He explained this acronym, Keep It Simple Stupid. So instead of trying to pull off the impossible shot I played it smart, punched out to the fairway and got it up and down for par. Sometimes things can pile up and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, when this happens I take a step back and remember KISS.


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