An Interview With Matt Ward 


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MATT WARD: How does Galvin Green successfully separate itself from today’s clutter in the marketplace?

ANDREW CREED: Our brand slogan is “We Never Compromise” and this holds true to everything we do.  When we design a product, whether it’s a jacket, pair of pants or hat, we do everything possible to make sure that the end result is the best it can possibly be and then we put it to market.  By adhering to this philosophy, we naturally separate ourselves from the rest.

MATT WARD: In approximate percentage terms what is Galvin Green’s market share in terms of green grass shops, online and general retail outlets?

ANDREW CREED: In the US we are primarily a green grass only brand.  Currently we have 400 green grass partners stocking our brand, two off-course brick and mortar locations and one online retailer, “Trendy Golf USA“.  We have eight sales representatives in the US and are continuing to expand this team as well as our market share.

MATT WARD: The overall golf market is struggling to advance the sport to a new generation that’s younger and which appeals to women and various minority groups. What approach would you recommend?

ANDREW CREED: I grew up caddying at a local club in the summers. It was a great introduction to the game of golf and also to successful individuals in that environment.  If clubs worked harder to foster caddy programs, it would have lasting positive effects for the future of the game. I love the new Drive, Chip and Putt program. The motivation to get to Augusta National for young players is incredible and will no doubt foster growth in the future.  If more historic and prestigious clubs followed Augusta’s example and somehow gave access to young players, it would surely continue to motivate future generations to develop in the game.

MATT WARD: Define customer service and the manner by which Galvin Green deals with the topic.

ANDREW CREED: Customer service is extremely important in this business. At the end of the day, if our customers don’t feel they have support we will lose their business. When we launched Galvin Green in the US part of our goal was to make distribution as streamlined as possible.  As such we guarantee delivery to our customers within 3-4 business days.  A good example is that because our waterproof products carry a lifetime waterproof warranty, if there’s ever a problem it needs to be addressed very quickly and efficiently.

MATT WARD: Has feedback from customers influenced product development and if so how?

ANDREW CREED: Customer feedback is vital to our vision.  We take everything to heart that we hear from our customers and try to implement their suggestions as much as possible in future collections.

MATT WARD: Do professional golfer endorsements matter and what role do they play at Galvin Green?

ANDREW CREED: We have more than 20 Tour players that wear our products in competition.  Many of them come to us and request to purchase for themselves because they want the best and know they can count on our products when they need them. We have recently signed three young up-and-coming players in North America – Taylor Pendrith, Doug Letson and Greg Yates – and have expanded our signed players in other regions as well. Consumers and avid golfers take to heart what equipment their favorite players use or what apparel they wear, so it is definitely important for a brand to have a presence on Tour.

MATT WARD: Best advice you ever received — what was it and who was it from?

ANDREW CREED: A family friend once told me to always work as hard as possible no matter what job you have. Choosing a career path can sometimes be overwhelming for recent graduates.  Choosing to give your all no matter where you are on the path can only lead to growth, success and future opportunities.

MATT WARD: What trends do you see happening and how is Galvin Green responding?

ANDREW CREED: We’re incredibly lucky in that we have a design team that can create products that set the trend, not follow them. We have consistently pioneered innovation and fashion in the industry. We always keep an eye on things, but we constantly try to remain ahead of the curve.

MATT WARD: You articulate in your company promotion via your Website – that “you never compromise” and you “take golf to the next level.” Explain both.

ANDREW CREED: “We Never Compromise” conveys our commitment to always creating the best possible product regardless of price. By consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation in not only our products but also our branding approach, we push our customers to new levels of performance when they’re on the golf course.

MATT WARD: You’ve got one round of golf to play — where do you play and what three other people round out your foursome?

ANDREW CREED: I would play Mid Ocean Club in Bermuda with my father, brother and daughter.

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