Henry served the past 10 years in many roles holding the following titles President/GM of Henry-Griffitts, the world leader in custom fit golf clubs, while also serving over those years as Director of Business Innovations and Regional Manager for leading Golf Simulator company aboutGolf. He brings with him a unique array of innovative ideas, technological experience, relationships, and a thorough familiarity with the golf industry.


Randall Henry grew up consumed in the golf business.  Randall’s father Randy Henry was the founder of Henry-Griffitts Golf Clubs, the company that created custom fit clubs.  As a child he would either be at the factory learning about clubs or at a range watching some of the best instructors in the world teach and fit.  Randy also taught many players on all 3 tours so when school would permit Randall would be at the Tour tournaments with his dad watching him work the range, while he would be at the end whacking balls.  Although Randall is only in his mid-30’s he has known and been friends with most people in the industry for over 20 years.  These unique experiences shaped Randall’s up bringing and his path was set.


You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving passion?

It is so much fun getting to innovate and shape the future of how people experience golf, its easy to stay driven. I am so lucky to be in a position of working with such a creative group of talented minds we spend so much time creating content that we believe will give people a new experience of what golf can be. Also working with our partners that love to think outside of the box as well, its exciting to think of ideas and watch them come to life.

What was the genesis for aboutGolf?

aboutGolf was founded by Bill Bales, a true innovator in the golf world. The company started as a software company all golf focused creating games like Microsoft Golf and Greg Norman golf, the natural evolution was to create golf games that gave golfers a larger then life experience. The next step was giving people the ability to hit real clubs and balls, and real life accuracy to deliver what people see today with the aboutGolf Simulator.

How long was the time frame from original idea to actual product creation?

It really varies from one project to the next, some can come to life in a matter of weeks others can take months or years. Being in the technology world it moves much faster then other industries. You must create an innovate quickly to stay ahead of the industry.

In what ways does aboutGolf separate itself from your competition?

We are unique in many ways, but our biggest strength is the great team we have that can innovate and create beyond the industry norms. The company has a rich history and has been perfecting its technology for many years more then our competition, it has given us the most reliable, accurate, real life experience in the industry. We produce everything in house which gives us the ability to control the finished product in all aspects, and not be reactionary to outside factors. We also have great partners like the PGA Tour and Golf Channel among others, that give us distinct advantages over our competitors.

Your product will be at Le Golf National for the Ryder Cup Matches this week – how did that happen and what is the significance?

We are very excited about our partnership with Le Golf National, host of the 2018 Ryder Cup.  They were looking for a simulator partner to provide an indoor golf option at the facility and also a partner to render the golf course to make available for golfers all over the world to experience.  Not everyone can travel to Paris to experience this beautiful golf course now they don’t have to, as they can go to any aboutGolf sim and play the course the pros will battle this week at the Ryder Cup.  Not many have seen this course yet but after next week everyone will be talking about Le Golf National, its an incredible golf course.

Talk for a moment about the costs of the product — and possible future improvements that are projected to be offered in the years ahead?

Our products have significant hardware and software costs, as technology changes these products change as well.  Some pieces may go down in price and other parts may go up, many will become obsolete as this is the nature of a fast moving tech company.  We are committed to our customers and products and always looking to provide the greatest experience at a great value to the customer.

Who is your core customer now and how do you plan to widen your position in the marketplace?

Our customer base is pretty wide at the moment, but our goal is to make golf available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  We continue to strive for ways to bring golf into places that it was never thought to be just a few years before.  We have some spectacular residential simulators that are fit into very custom spaces, that look and play great.  We continue to work with residential customers, indoor golf centers, bars, golf courses, academies, retail to name a few.

Most companies today tout their steadfast commitment to customer service. Define the term and the approach taken by aboutGolf?

Agree completely, we take it beyond this and feel its about customer success.  Our company is customer focused not only being sure they have the best service possible, but also continuing to listen and work with the customer for years to come.  We feel that this is an on going relationship that goes on forever.  So we need to do more then provide just a great product but continued service and communication year after year.

You can change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why?

If we could make golf more affordable and accessible to all, this would be my desire. It is such a great game that I want everyone to have the chance to experience. At the same time we are in the business of golf, so everyone has to make money to stay in business it’s a tricky situation. We believe that through indoor golf we can however make it more affordable and accessible, so we are trying to do just this. We do have great programs and groups like The First Tee that are driven to bring golf to more people. We will do our part to be a piece of this movement as well.

Best advice you ever received — what was it and who from?

My parent always reinforced in me that success in life and business come through ideas and people, and being a kind person will take you where you want to go.  This has never let me down and I always try to put people first and understand that business is only business — it’s the people and relationships are what matters.  With happy people associated with you and your business success will follow.


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