Richard Lynch is 63 years of age — the father of three — grandfather of seven. Born in Virginia, he has 40 plus years of experience in metal, wood, and plastic fabrication. An inventor with 31 items currently on the board and one in production — he started Doublebirdee.com in 2016 which will serve as the parent company for all golf products.


IMG_1305Go to any golf course and chances are you’ll find a big barrel of used clubs. In most cases the majority of those clubs are lost clubs that have been recovered from the course that no one has claimed after 30 days.

Think about it, how many times have you played a course where it is cart path only and have left a club behind? How many times have you walked to the green carrying your wedge and putter, laid your wedge down and walked off and left it laying there?

There’s a good possibility that the course is cart path only that day because it’s very wet. You end up carrying a couple clubs out to the fairway choosing the club you want then try to gingerly lay the remaining clubs down trying not to get the grips wet. Most golfers will admit it is a real pain.

If you’re like a lot of golfers you enjoy a good cigar with your round of golf, you also know the hassle of trying to place the cigar somewhere when you’re hitting your shot, or putting. And just for the record, laying your cigar down on the green could end up making you very sick. The chemicals that are used to treat the greens are not designed for human consumption.


MATT WARD: What was the genesis of the product?

RICHARD LYNCH: If you’ve ever seen the movie Robots there’s a line in there “See a need fill a need”. I watched my fellow golfers dealing with some of the minor frustrations incurred while playing golf. While there were other club stands on the market, their designs were bulky and only addressed one area. I saw a need for a device that was compact and would address many of those minor frustrations.

MW: How long from concept to actual mass production?

RL: The actual production model was the result of 10 plus years of research, testing and prototyping.

MW: Given all the various products golfers are bombarded with in playing the game what makes your invention one worthy of consumers time and money?

RL: The Original Lean on Me Multi Accessory Golf Club Stand is the only stand which offers a club stand, towel, cigar holder, lighter holder, ball mark repair tool, ball marker, groove cleaner and a storage compartment for the ball mark repair tool and ball marker. And at just $24.95 The Original Lean on Me Multi Accessory Golf Club Stand will pay for itself the first time you don’t lose a club

IMG_1299MW: In rough percentages what are your sales figures from retail outlets, online and via green grass shops?

RL: We just recently launched this product and sales figures are hard to predict at this time. We are currently in PGA Superstore’s with a test run and feedback from store managers has been positive. Our goal is to do a commercial for cable TV with selected targeted audiences in the Myrtle Beach and Pinehurst areas. We hope accomplish this in time for the Christmas season.

MW: What’s been the reaction from those in the industry?

RL: In taking the product around to various golf courses and retail outlets the most common response has been “It is definitely a well thought out design and should do very well”.

MW: Define customer service and how you specifically attain it?

RL: Customer service comes down to putting the customer satisfaction before the bottom-line. This means making a commitment to sell a quality product and back it up with a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

MW: How do you solicit customer feedback and what role does it play in your efforts?

RL: Currently we respond to online sales with a simple questionnaire asking for the customers input on satisfaction and quality of product.

IMG_1295MW: Are your working towards other product innovations?

RL: Yes. I am working on a unique training putter that you also play with. My big project is a revolutionary golf bag that is as one person stated “this golf bag is to the bag industry what the Adams Metal woods were to the woods” industry. I hope to have this ready to unveil at the PGA show 2017.

MW: You can change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be?

RL: To make golf fun and less complicated. As a golf instructor I find it extremely disappointing to see the constant contradicting instructions that really hurt the sport. We need to get more young people involved and that is not going to happen with the level of bad golf instruction that is out there. I am writing a book that I hope to have out for Christmas that I believe will do just that. Make golf less complicated and therefore more fun, which should lead to more golfers which should lead to less expensive golf.

MW: You wake up in the morning — what drives your passion to beyond what you have already done?

RL: See my response to the preceding question.