With the Fall/ Winter 2018 Golf collection J.Lindeberg continues to challenge the conservative establishment in golf with a reference to the graphics and colors of the late 60s and 70s. Bold graphics and daring colors together with knowledge and innovation.


With over 17 years in the soft goods industry, both in fashion and the golf space, Scott Davis is leading the way as National Sales Director for J.Lindeberg. A strong sales professional with experience from Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren and AG are among his involvements. Being a class A PGA member for nearly 30 years, Davis is a true industry veteran both at the club level as a golf professional as well as in the fashion segment of the golf business. His responsibilities at J.Lindeberg includes sales team leadership, over all brand direction, driving revenue, as well as  building new relationships, and keeping strong ties between the brand and its current customer base.


You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving passion?

Changing the game I love through fashion, getting golfers both men and women to be more innovative and daring with regards to what they wear on and off the course.

Define the J. Lindeberg brand?

Disruptive, sophisticated, innovative, and most importantly, performance driven on and off the course.

Who is your core customer?

The male or female that challenges convention, usually a modern traveler, urban centric individual who is dialed into there own fashion sense and wants to convey this no matter what they are doing through out their day.

How is J. Lindeberg meeting and exceeding the needs of your core customer?

We continue to develop product for both on the course and off that fits our core customer profile as well as tries to challenge them season over season to continue to take chances and set the trend.

There are numerous companies in the golf apparel category — what approaches are you taking to separate yourself from all the clutter?

Always through the product and performance as well over all fashion esthetic. The consistent messaging and long heritage of what we have been doing for over 20 years speaks for itself. Our charge is to always strive to disrupt and slow people down enough to stop, look and listen.

Many companies use professional golfers to endorse their brand. How does J. Lindeberg approach this method?

Most do, we do as well, we have PGA, LPGA, European ,Web, Long Drive champions and athletes in ski and biking as well. Our approach is to use our ambassadors to show case our product both on and off the course or bike or set of ski’s. We are one of a very few companies that produces Golf, Ski, and Active for Men and Women, we think it gives us a unique perspective and showcasing our product on some of the best athlete’s in the world is essential to insuring our authenticity in all three marketplaces.

You can change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why?

Accessibility, golf is still extremely exclusive and as a PGA professional I would want more people to have a chance and feel more comfortable trying golf.

Apparel companies routinely tout their customer service. Define the term and the approach taken by J. Lindeberg?

One client at a time one friend at a time. We are business partners to our clients, and the customer service role is the key cog in that wheel, through consistent communication, real time solutions and a true dedication to getting it right every time for our clients comes through in everything we do and how we communicate. We are in it together with our clients, it’s our job to make it very easy to do business with J.Lindeberg.

What steps do you see golf having to take in order to remain relevant to a new base of players — especially those from the Millennial generation, women
and minorities?

Accessibility, faster rounds of golf, more innovative options from the fashion segment and a message (social media) that resonates with these very key players in the future of the game.

Best advice you ever received — what was it and who was it from?

Shut up and Listen. Bob Ford (formerly head golf professional at Oakmont (PA) and still at Seminole (FL) has been my mentor for many years. A long time ago he told me, “People are always selling me something Scotty. The best business partners ask pointed questions and listen to the answers. Then do something about it.”


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