I am an architect by training — now retired. I’ve been an avid golfer since early childhood, I am a scratch golfer and club champion. Still trying to improve, I took lessons from time to time. It was at the end of a lesson a couple of years ago with Jeff Ryan, an assistant pro at my club, that I noticed an extremely large putter in his bag. I was incredulous that he putted with something that large and commented, “You putt with that.”

He explained that its extreme MOI (moment of inertia) made it more stable and forgiving; and told me to take it to the putting green and roll a few balls with it. As an architect I understood the importance of MOI immediately. As soon as I rolled a few balls with an extreme MOI putter, I was hooked on MOI. But thought there had to be a better way to get high MOI in a putter than just making it huge.

I went home that night and designed an aluminum putter with extreme weight distribution. Within a week the design was refined to include lie angle adjustability. The next week I was at a local machine shop having prototypes made. The resulting putter — the alpha prototype — was amazing. The most solid feeling putter I have ever touched! The feel of that putter pulled me out of retirement and into the golf business. Jeff and I formed the Veritas Golf LLC and launched the putter at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show. Today CURE Putters is the fastest growing putter on the Champions Tour.


MATT WARD: How does Cure Putters differentiate itself from your competitors?


STEVEN DAVIS: We deliver more MOI (moment of inertia) gram for gram than all of our competitors. CURE Putters offer real measurable improvement; stability you can feel and measure. We disclose the weight and MOI of everyone one of our putters to allow a player to make a scientifically informed decision on their putter. MOI in its simplest terms is stability, resistance to twisting.

Many putters claim to offer increased stability, but offer no data. MOI is a direct indicator of stability. We have discovered that increased MOI not only improves the stability of a putter on off center impact but also improves the stability of the stroke itself! This is a game changer. Face angle variation is not a concept well understood by most golfers; but it is as important to putting as launch angle and spin rate are to drivers. Increasing MOI reduces face angle variation — dramatically.

All golfers we have tested in our lab have experienced reduced face angle variation with increased MOI. Most have seen reductions of more than 50%. Think about that, an 8 foot putt feels like a 4 foot putt did before the improvement. You’re going to make a lot more putts if you can reduce your face angle variation — and increased MOI is the key.


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MW: The most significant product innovation Cure Putters provides is what?


SD: Our focus on MOI and our discovery of the impact of MOI on stroke stability will become the single biggest change in putting in the last 50 years. Increased MOI allows any player, at any skill level, elite to weekend warrior, to improve their putting.

Adding weight in any particular putting configuration will increase MOI; the higher the weight, the higher the MOI. The key turns out to be finding each players optimum weight. Players consistently report that higher MOI putters do not feel as heavy as they actually are. Increased MOI makes a putter feel lighter because of its balance. 

CURE Putters has developed a CURE Fitting Protocol and is training Certified CURE Master Fitters across the country. The CURE Weight Optimization Fitting Protocol allows every player to find their optimum putter weight and thereby putt with the maximum MOI and stability. 


MW: You were at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this past January — how would you describe the reaction to your products and how do you assess the mood of the show with the golf season to begin in about two months?


SD: We could not be more excited about the reception of our products: Golf Digest “Hot List,” — fastest growing putter on the Champions Tour — available in over 600 pro shops, and PGA Tour Superstore locations. Fitters and teachers in particular are excited the CURE putter line because the CURE putter fitting protocol allows them to fit their players for putters the same way they fit them for all the other clubs. Performance based fitting.



MW: What’s the biggest error most golfers make when deciding upon a putter?


SD: Picking the best looking, best feeling, best sounding putter instead of finding the putter with the absolute highest MOI at the weight they want. MOI changed the appearance of drivers,making persimmon obsolete. MOI will now make most of today’s putter obsolete. It is not that hard to get used to the new look of putts rolling into the hole.


MW: What’s the percentage a golfer should choose a putter based on science and personal feel elements?


SD: I think everyone should choose a putter based on feel and performancescience. Putter performance is now measurable. No one needs to putt with a poor performing putter.


MW: How do you solicit customer feedback and what role does it play in your product development?


SD: We work with a handful of Champions Tour players in developing prototypes and modifications of existing putters. We receive a number of comments on our Website and carry on conversations with players. The flanged RX Series putters were a response to golfers who wanted to be able to pick up their ball with our putter.


MW: Plenty of companies have various endorsements via relationships with PGA / LPGA players. Does such a connection really matter for product validation?


SD: Tour validation is crucial. Every top name putter is played on tour. You can push sales with an infomercial; but it takes a real improvement to cause tour players to use your putter, unless you are paying them.CURE putters is the fastest growing putter on the Champions Tour; and we have players on the Web.com, LPGA and European Tours using our putters in play. We do not pay any one to play our putter. They are using it because they putt better.


MW: If you could change one thing in golf what would it be?


SD: Slow play! One of the easiest ways to speed up play is for everyone to start making more putts and stop three putting so often. Dramatically increased putter MOI has the potential to speed up the game. Really.


MW: What’s the approximate percentage breakdown of sales via brick and mortar outlets, green grass shops and online efforts?


SD: We’re still a very young company and these percentages are changing rapidly. Today we are about 60% green grass, 30% international; 5% retail — just getting started here — and 5% online and growing very fast now. Sales have increased every quarter since we launched the company in 2014.


MW: Best advice you ever received.


SD: Never compromise your integrity –always do the right thing — in business and in personal relationships.


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