What’s Better Than The Masters?

You have the Super Bowl, World Series and Daytona 500 that headline Americas most watched sporting events, yet those things aren’t ever the greatest event in America.

That belongs to the Masters.

Here Are Ten Things That Makes The Masters The Best:

Days leading up to the tournament: Not many things get as much buzz as Monday-Wednesday at the Masters. Pretty much a useless three days at any other major, becomes a spectacle at the Masters. From the practice round patrons pay big money to watch, to the famous Par 3 contest on Wednesday. It is a true week long event.

Exclusiveness: Some may see this as a negative, but I think it adds to the specialness of the Masters. For the Super Bowl you can always find tickets, you are just going to have to shovel out loads of money to do so. The Masters is different in that getting a ticket is virtually impossible. That’s to a practice round, never mind an actual round.

Scripts: Other tournaments, PGA guys will pick out their outfits and just go with them. Not the Masters, people have their outfits picked out weeks before and release them on the internet and it is an added “event” at the Masters. Rickie Fowler even got his own style of camouflage made for him by Puma this year, just for the Masters.


Fowler’s Puma Script

Time of year: Something about spring being in the air, golf season truly starting up for everyone (yes I am jealous of you Floridians) and it being the first major of the year. It comes at literally the perfect time of year and makes it what it is. It is arguable if the Masters was in August it may lose a little appeal, not a lot though.

Field:  It is such a great field of players because of all the ways you get invited. You have to earn your way into the tournament and that makes for a field that is made up of last years’ winner and players as old as Fred Couples.

Tradition: In the famous words of Jim Nantz, “A tradition unlike any other.” Pretty much speaks for itself. From all of Tiger Wood’s historic shots, to the Champions Dinner and even the annual ceremonial tee shot. Place is full of history and tradition.


Food: You’d be hard pressed to find a professional sporting event where the menu items are largely under five dollars, never mind a light beer for only four dollars. The Masters gives you a throwback feel in the sense that the food is so simple and cheap. Every golfers dream is to go to the Masters and eat your body weight in pimento cheese sandwiches.

Course: Ranked by many as one of the top courses in the country, Augusta National is the prime location for this event. From the beautiful layout, to every hole having its own name and even the flowers and trees. It would be weird to see the Masters anywhere else.


Augusta National Coursr

Green jacket: If you explained to an alien that the biggest golf tournament of the year, with so much tradition, was played for a green blazer. They would laugh in your face. The fact that the green jacket is the trophy adds a uniqueness to the whole tournament. Yet that jacket is probably the most wanted trophy in all of golf.


Green Jacket at the Masters

Availability: With technology these days we want everything at the palm of our hand. The Superbowl is hard because of all the rights and commercials, if you’re not watching it on TV you’re pretty much out of luck. The Masters is different, they have an app where you can watch the whole tournament and every second of the tournament is on TV, even the par 3 contest. It is so available that this year CBS is even airing a program strictly form the driving range.

If you don’t look forward to the Masters every year, you are either:

1. Mentally ill

2. Not a golf fan or

3. Dead.