Old Guy Advice

You know that old guy you keep swearing at because he wont let you play through?

You could learn a lot from him.

Most of the time, they know the game way better than you ever will.

Here are some things we could all learn from old golfers.

old guy

  1. You don’t have to crush the ball to play well.
  2. Distance isn’t that cool.
  3. Hitting driver 230 onto fairway is way better than 270 into rough.
  4. Swing easy, the club will do the work.
  5. It is just a game, have fun.
  6. Take your time.
  7. Stop getting technical, play golf.
  8. No one cares about your GIR or FIR or sand save percentage. Play against par.
  9. Short game always separates the good from the average.
  10. Putt for dough.
  11. Par is okay.
  12. Bogey isn’t all that bad.
  13. If you miss a birdie putt, don’t miss it too bad.
  14. Don’t be a hero, make the right shot.
  15. You aren’t on the PGA Tour, play within your skill level.
  16. Never use a rangefinder, you will hate it.
  17. Trust their distance, they have a weird knack of being very accurate by the naked eye.
  18. It isn’t the club; it is the operator.
  19. That glove does nothing.
  20. You could putt that.

old guy

If you have heard one of these things while playing, you have probably heard all 20.

Old guys love giving advice, but in their own way.

Golf is evolving and the game from generation to generation is going to be played, regulated, watched and even learned differently.

And that’s not a bad thing.