Shopping for new clubs has become easier and easier through the years.

Between online shopping and the many stores around finding the right club for the right price has become easier and easier.

Some prefer buying clubs in a golf store so you can get the feel for the club, the looks in person and have it in your possession the second you get charged for it.

But that also has its flaws.

Here are the five types of people you see at a golf store.

  1. The Beginner: This is the guy who wants into the game and looks absolutely clueless. He stares at you until you acknowledge him and then continues to ask you about what is good to buy and what is the best thing to buy. You are just trying to buy a dozen Pro V1’s and get out. This guy just keeps asking you if Top Flite is nice.
  2. The pro: Comes into the golf section looking like he just got done playing Pebble Beach. He humble brags to all the employees that he has all the new and awesome equipment and your very low score. As he grabs a club and heads into the simulator to show off he makes as much noise possible as he crushes balls into the screen and looks around for an audience.
  3. The employee of the month: Before I say anything, let me put this out there. There is a difference between doing your job and being annoying. That being said he continuously asks you if you would be interested in the Maxfli ball deal they have going on, if you would like to be fitted for the new Titleist irons that cost more than four car payments combined and tells you how great of a value Snake Eyes polos are. On top of all of that he asks you if you would like to buy an insurance policy on a hat for $9.99.
  4. The “I’m not going to buy anything guy”: He touches virtually everything in the store and stares at it for about a minute. He makes his way all the way around the store and finally… Buys a bag of tees.
  5. The product tester: Drivers, woods, irons, wedges and putters. You got em, this guy will check them out. He will take up a bay in the simulator for about an hour. After that warm up session he is going to put on a putting clinic and drool over every Scotty Cameron you have while he misses four footers. Blaming it on the club.

A golf store can be a blessing, and a place full of annoying golf lovers. At the end of the day, it is golf and we all love it.

Some more than others.